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Hi everybody! Today we're bringing you another addition to our little 'K-Pop Reaction' series! We really hope you enjoyed the previous post on Big Byung's song Stress Come On because we had so much fun making it as well as reacting to it! In this post, we'll be reacting to Red Velvet's Ice-Cream Cake!

Now I don't wanna keep talking and talking cause that isn't the point of this post. So let's get into it! (After the disclaimer) [It's me, Beth by the way]
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s).  Thank you :)

Here's the video in case you wanna watch/listen to it
------Reaction Starts Now------
First look :)

Sarah: Ahh so pretty!!
Beth: Oh they're from SM too? They probably went through a lot of torture....
Ally: What torture?
Sarah: Yeah, what torture? Hahahaha.
Beth: Apparently SM tortures the trainees? That's what I saw like on websites....?
Sarah: Not necessarily.
Ally: Who says?
Sarah: It's like any other... other... *got distracted because the song started playing* (but to finish the sentence she meant to say 'it's like any other company')
Sarah: I used to get mixed up between Joy and Yeri.
Beth: Do people still use rollers in their hair? *referring to Wendy*
Ally: They might.
Sarah: They don't.....not on a normal basis.
Sarah: They were in the U.S.? Or was it New Zealand?
Ally: Yeah it's in the U.S. I think...
Sarah: Is this U.S. or New Zealand *asks again but Ally replies at the same time*
Ally: I know there was a controversy that... they like shot this music video at the same place as B1A4.

Beth: Is this song supposed to sound wrong though? 
Ally: Noooo!
Beth: Cause you see "It's so tasty~"
Sarah: No.
Beth: Yeah exactly *referring to the lyrics "come and chase me"*
Sarah: I feel like in this music video, Yeri is really pretty.
Ally: Yeri?
Beth: Okay that just sounds wrong already! It doesn't really sound right anymore
Sarah: Don't... don't ruin the music video for me.
Ally: Joy looks scary the first time I watched it.
Sarah: Seulgi looks pretty here.
Ally: I REALLY like Seulgi!!!
Sarah: This girl is a few years older than us! *referring to Yeri*
Beth: This girl looks like Yoona (Girls Generation).
Sarah: Yeah this girl is older than us by a few years just so you know.
Beth: Yeah at least she's doing something with her life.
Sarah: When she first debuted she was... 
Beth: 16?
Sarah: Yeah this girl was 16 *referring to Yeri*
Beth: And here we are......
Ally: This is so nice but I want that shirt so badly...
Beth: Wow it bursts into mini balloons!
Sarah: I like this part.
Ally: I think their outfits look really cool.
Beth: Imagine how many balloons they used.
Sarah: It's all CG (CG is short for C for Graphics, according to Google)
~ Silence ~
Sarah: Yep. She looks scary *referring to Joy*
Sarah: I think when Wendy turns around, she looks really pretty!
Ally: I really like their hair colour for this music video.
Sarah: Yeahhh *in a dreamy voice*
Ally: Don't you think it's just so nice?
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: What's so nice? The girl?
Ally: This one! This one! Their outfits * referring to the checkered outfit*
Beth: Which one? This one?
Ally: Yeah!
Sarah: I like the pastel ones.
Ally: Yeah the one with the crop top and skirt?
Sarah: Yeah it's so pretty! It's like... (no words can describe)
Sarah: I wish we were... *gets interrupted by Ally*
Ally: I really like this song though.
Sarah: Yup.
Sarah: They (Red Velvet) said that they liked the coloured jackets the most. I don't like those the most though.
Ally: Joy looks scary to me.
Beth: Oh I like this pink shirt. I think cause I like the pink shade.
Sarah: She looks pretty in this one.
-Song Ends-
Beth: See? I told you it's not about ice cream!
Sarah: It is. Okay wait...maybe not.
Beth: It's not.
Sarah: Okay wait! It's about.....something about sweet love.
------Video Ends------
  • The prettiest member according to Beth is Yeri

Sarah:  So you're saying she's prettier than us?
Ally & Beth: She IS prettier than us.

Wow. I really just want to thank all the people who write the subtitles for all the variety shows and K-dramas. It's really hard! I'll never ever take the subtitles for granted ever again. - Sarah
Thank you for reading!
Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words, explaining and reacting.
Beth - Adding pictures, editing the whole post so it's more presentable and reacting.
Ally - Reacting, editing the post and explaining.