DIY Heart to Heart Décor | Ally

Hey, it’s me Ally. I’m one-third that makes up this blog and I’ve got nothing to do so I thought why not write a post or at least make something out of my life… writing a post it is! I hope you’ve read my previous DIYs. Today’s DIY is kinda in relation with my previous DIY that is the World Map Décor. Well…it has something to do with travelling as well so I thought they matched well. *Judging myself*

-       a frame
-       a picture/image 
(basically anything that reminds you of where you’ve been or where you wanna be)
-       scissors
-       glue/mod podge

That’s basically all you need. Simple right? I always try to make my DIYs as easy as possible just cause *Let’s be honest, not everyone is talented. All arrows are pointing right at me with blinking lights >>L<<* It may seem like a lot of stuff but it really isn’t. Trust the person who manages to get paper cuts all the time…ME!

Firstly, find images of places or you could use literal maps if you have them in hand. What I did was go on Google and found a map image of a place I want to visit one day in the near future. And obviously I printed it out. The frame I chose was divided into 3 parts…(?) So I realized I had 3 spaces to fill. *duh*

If you’d rather not fuss over stencils, you could totally just go on PicMonkey (not sponsored J) and apply a heart-shape border on your image then print it out. It’ll save you the hassle of having to trace and cut. I only thought of it after I did all the work so…..way to go Ally!
I did in the end just use PicMonkey instead because it was more accurate and I had more control to the size of heart that I wanted without having to trim and trim over and over again just so it reaches my standard of perfection.

You know how when you buy frames and there’d usually already be a picture in there..…yea? Flip those pictures around and glue on your heart-shaped picture. (I know I’m making this sound so complicated but I’ve never been able to speak very well on a daily basis either J so bare with me) Why I said to use the pictures in the frame as a backing is because they are already in size and perfectly fit into the frame. This way, you save time not having to measure and cut other pieces of paper to size.

When you’ve adhered one image, it’s now time to fill the other two spots in.
When you’re done with that, then you’re DONE! It’s sooo easy and it carries a meaning as well. I hung the frame right above my bed and I think it looks so cute and personalized.

P.S. I wrote this post at the very beginning of this blog and I was recently just looking through my files and saw it. J I can’t believe it took me this long to put it up.

Personalized to fit me,