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Hello hello hello!!! So.... first less personal post after So.Many.Days. Well I hope you're doing well because I'm about to share with you what I have been liking last month (in other words; what kept me kinda-sorta sane while the exam was insane-ing me. I know that's not a word. And I know that doesn't make sense.)
Let's begin this small list on the top things on my bae list....(Elaine, if you're reading this, which I doubt cause you don't even know the existence of this blog....YOU AREN'T ON MY BAE LIST THIS MONTH.)

First on the invisible list is........PINEAPPLE! Okay cue the disclaimer....
Disclaimer: I do not like pineapples just because of that PPAP video.
So....enjoy that big pineapple picture that had my arm as sacrificial point.

Next disclaimer: I do not like pineapples the same way Sarah likes loves watermelon.

My love for this is just the taste of it. Not the everything else. I've told Ally this but for those of you who've never had pineapples before, the only way I can describe this fruit is that it tastes like Hawaii in your mouth. If you're wondering what 'Hawaii in your mouth' tastes like....well tropical is the exact word.

I just had to complicate it....

The best pineapples in my opinion is the soury-sweet ones. I think sour pineapples are as good as the sweet ones but I'm kinda leaning towards the sweet pineapples!
I guess this is pretty self-explanatory. It's basically shortcake with a hint of chocolate and it tastes absolutely out of this world. I feel like it kinda sorta melts in your mouth and it's incredible. This is definitely a sweet treat.
If you've been keeping up with our instagram which is @fortytwocube (#shamelessselfpromolol), you'll know that I've been using this moisturizer recently and can I just mention the scent of this? It's so SO good. If you have a Nature Republic near you, go smell this - you won't regret it. I bought this spontaneously since my aloe vera gel moisturizer finally met its empty phase 2 months ago.

The Nature Republic Super Aqua Max: Fresh Watery Cream is definitely for oily skin (says the saleslady that pretty much stares at us (Ally, Sarah and I) every time we enter the store. We are just such loyal customers that she's probably sick of seeing our faces. Like seriously, everytime we enter, she has this look on her face like, 'It's these three! Yay. I'm gonna be earning something today.' Cause out of all the times we've entered Nature Republic, we've never left empty handed lol #dedicatedcustomers).
Ally has a moisturizer from this range too though it's for combo skin (Link here). Since the combo skin-type version of this ran out, I got the oily skin version and I only use it during the day time as that's when my skin is oilier than when I am asleep. I guess you can say it kinda mattifies the face so it appears less shiny.

Overall, it's a good product but make sure you get the moisturizer that's suitable for your skin type! If I'm not mistaken, there are three colors: Green - Combo skin, Blue - Oily skin, Pink - Dry skin.

So as you all know, we have had our exams in October and I was pretty much desperate for a quizzing app (because asking others is too troublesome in my opinion). So I searched for an app that could help me make sure I had my facts in my head well understood and well remembered (especially for Chemistry).

This app offers 4 different exercises to help practice your learning abilities which are; card - which allows you to flip it to get the definition of the words, learn - which gives you the definition and requires you to type the term, match - just as it says, and test - which offers written test, multiple choice and true/false questions.

Personally, I think this app is pretty convenient cause a) you don't need to disturb others if you want to be quizzed and b) you don't waste paper so that's good....right?

Last but not least....favourite song of the month! I DEFINITELY need to share this because it's so amazing, in my opinion. Don't Want It Back by Sabrina Carpenter. OH.MY.GOODNESS.GRACIOUS.MOTHER.OF.EVERYTHING IT'S SOOOOOO GOOD. The whole album, honestly is so amazing but that song in particular is my favourite. Also I find it so cool how her album is titled 'EVOLution' which has the word 'LOVE' but backwards.

Here's the song if you wanna listen to it:
I can only speak on behalf of myself but 😍😍😍


That's it for my October favorites! Have an amazing day ahead and I'll write again super soon!!!
If you can't tell, I'm pretty bummed out that someone ate my last donut.
P/S: If you're confused as to who 'Elaine' is, feel free to browse the 'Appearance' tab above to learn more.


  1. I love pineapples but my mouth has always felt weird when I ate them... x"D I think I'm slightly allergic XD


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