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If you've read my last post I said that my exams would be in about a months time... and well a month has passed! Yay! But to be honest I always wonder why do people hate exams? Then my exams came and I went through TORTURE! Headaches and stress for a week!! Well I compiled a list of the reasons I really really dislike exams.

I think this is one of the main reasons I hate exams... Like I wanna use my laptop and watch dramas and sleep but NOPE I have to study. And the times where I have a break and use my laptop I'll feel the guilt. My head would be like 'shouldn't you be studying?' 'what are you doing just lazing around?'. So I can't even relax and take a break. T.T

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I WANTED TO WATCH SIGNAL AND THE ENTERTAINER DURING EXAM WEEK? This is actually related to the first reason, all the things I wanna watch but I CAN'T. It was so frustrating. I had to keep telling myself just a few more days and I'll be able to watch all the dramas I want. Oh yeah now that exams are over I'm watching The Entertainer :D It's not bad so I suggest watching it!

This happened to me for my geography exam. I memorized a table of locations in the world but they gave me a map! Ahhhhh! I lost so much marks cause of that part. But seriously when this happens I feel like I wasted my time and brain space. Oh yeah and once for my history exam my teacher asked us to memorize this list of treaties and none of them came out. I repeat NONE! I spent an entire day memorizing it and it didn't come out -_-

Let me explain.. For example there's a question asking Who is the first American President and you can remember like the page in the textbook that has the answer but you can't remember the actual name of the president. You can remember studying it but you just can't remember it at that specific time. This is pure frustration I tell you. This is when you  bang your head and scream internally trying to remember the answer. 

You know after exams you think you're free? Nope the teachers have to keep you in suspense of knowing the grades for the exam. And you have to keep hoping and praying that you don't fail. I have teachers coming in and telling the class 'Do you all even understand the concept?' or 'Do you need me to teach you this again?','Why do you answer the questions like this?'. Yeah and it kills me.  Everytime the teachers do that I doubt myself and my answers. I would ask myself 'did I write that?' And be like I'm so dead what if I fail my exam!! T.T

Yeah those are a few reasons exam are literally torture to me. But I guess when you get good results it'll be worth it (?) Lol. But you know something that Beth tells me that makes me feel better? Before the exam she would say the next time you eat lunch\dinner it'll be all over. And I guess it just makes everthing seem like it's gonna be all over soon! So yeah thanks Beth! Oh and if you're taking an exam now. Go study. And GOOD LUCK!
Now free,
Sarah <3


  1. My main problem with exams was just the fact that I procrastinated XD I'm a HUGE procrastinator. It kinda comes from the fact that I learned that I have a good memory and I can memorize stuff pretty easily, and then just regurgitate "knowledge" on to a page XD So I'd wait till the last min to study and I'd still pass! Usually, with an A... XD And I perfected that skill but just the fact that I waited to the last min was always stressful cause I'd be like "can I do all this"? It usually would work out (unless it was math -_-) so I never really taught myself how to not procrastinate. Although, the few time I haven't procrastinated, its been really good! XD
    Also, just a big tip for anyone out there, get plenty of sleep! Sleep really helps and calms you down, me at least, and I'm less prone to freaking out and stuff if I get enough sleep.


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