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Hello everyone! Red Velvet is known to be Ally's favourite girl group of all time so we couldn't resist putting up a little 'oldie'....just cause it's Red Velvet. I have been writing many, many intros recently so my mind is kinda blocked on what else to say.....It's me Beth, by the way. I guess I hope you guys enjoyed this reaction and no worries, the K-Pop Reaction 'series' will definitely make it's return in 2017.

Today we're reacting to Red Velvet's song 'One Of These Nights'.

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

I couldn't find the music video to this song but their performance stages weren't any less amazing...so enjoy the song whilst reading our post.

------Reaction Starts Now------

Sarah: Red Velvet One of These Nights.
Beth: YASSSS!!! *screams* (Oww....my eardrums - Ally)
Ally: It's a slow song.
Beth: Unfortunately...
Ally & Sarah: .....
Sarah: Wendy's vocals though...
Beth: Snorkels? (hearing problems)
Sarah: Vocals.
Sarah: I don't like her hair. I'm sorry. *talking about Wendy*
Beth: Is this like Sleeping Beauty?
Sarah: Oh yeah yeah yeah!
Sarah: Some people say that it's about the Sewol ferry.
Beth: I thought we watched this already?
Sarah: We did?
Beth: That's the.....Yeri?
Ally: No... *really softly*
Sarah: This is Joy.
Beth: This is all green screen work.
Ally: I like how they...
Beth: Edited it?
Ally: No, they.....yea edit it. Like the way they transcend the scene is like super.....
Sarah: Super...yea.
Ally: The flow...it's...nice.
Beth: Smooth.
Sarah: There's no water.
Sarah: It's all CG.
Sarah: Who's eye is that though?
Ally: Wendy......I think. *apparently it's Seulgi*
Ally: This is Yeri. *talking to Beth*
Sarah: I don't understand...wouldn't this boat hurt? It doesn't look very... *gets cut off by Ally*
Ally: Green screen?
Sarah: No, it's a real boat.
Beth: You know apparently they filmed Titanic in a swimming pool. (I saw it on some random website)
Ally: I didn't know that...
Beth: Hahaha. A small blow-up pool.
Ally: Woah.
Beth: Yeahhh.
Sarah: It was a real boat. *referring to the boat in the music video*
Sarah: I saw the making.
Sarah: Ohhh I like this scene.
Ally: I like the next scene.
Sarah: Oh yeah...the one where they come to the forest.
Ally: Yea!
Sarah: I like that part too.
Ally: It looks so...it looks like an enchanted forest....that I wanna be stuck in. *random comment*
Sarah: Doesn't she look scary...a bit?
Beth: Like what...an Annabelle doll?
Ally: *ignores* But she's so pretty! Seulgi's so pretty.
Sarah: Yea she's...they're pretty but the...
Ally: Irene.
Ally: But the what?
Sarah: The...the...clothes look like the Grimm Reaper. *referring to their outfits*
Ally: Yeah they do.
Ally: That's why they said something about the dead...or what...
Sarah: Mhmmm.
Ally: But I don't think it is...because I watched their commentary on the music video and Joy was like  "I also filmed this scene but why didn't they...show up in the music video?"
Beth: Is this like Wendy? *confused*
Ally: Unless suddenly when the person was editing then they suddenly thought of the idea.
Sarah: Film what?
Ally: Film the scene about the Grimm Reaper thing.
Ally: Because at first they said that Joy isn't there because she's the only one that survived...
Sarah: Ohhhh.
Ally: But she did film it. (Joy's scene just did not appear in the music video)
Sarah: See...the boat does not look very soft. *still stuck on the uncomfortable boat that Yeri is in*
Ally: They keep making fun of Wendy because she didn't have eyebrows then. *they as in the other Red Velvet members*
Sarah: She didn't?
Ally: It looked like she didn't.
Beth: Too blonde?
Ally: No, she like dyed her hair red and her eyebrows were orange or something like that...so you couldn't really see it.
Ally: I mean you can...it's just that they made fun of her.
Sarah: Yeri...just imagine how hard it was to keep a straight face when the water was going into the boat.
Sarah: *sniggers* Irene falling down.
Ally: Joy's so pretty.
Beth: That's actually scary. (I meant creepy)
Ally: I really like their vocals!
Ally: She didn't have eyebrows. *talking about Wendy*
Sarah: The stage is very nice too...the mics. *referring to the performance stage*
Ally: Yea then there's floating furniture.
Sarah: On the stage?
Ally: No, in Irene's scene...there was floating furniture.
Sarah: I said the stage!
Ally: Oh.
Sarah: I said the stage...like it's real life...and you said floating furniture suddenly.
Ally: There...the floating furniture. *points at screen*
Beth: Floating furniture?
Ally: Ohhh I like their logo!
Beth: It's a logo.
Ally: I don't know why...I just like clouds.
Beth: It's Red Velvet.
Sarah: The Korean title *for this song* is like 7th July or something like that.
Sarah: On the 7th of July...something like that.
Ally: Was it that incident? *referring to the Sewol ferry incident*
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: Why...what happened?
Ally: Then it has to be about that already.
Sarah: It's not...I think it wasn't on the date itself but like it has something...the date has something to do with it.

----Video Ends----

  • Beth yelled into the mic to hurt someone's ears again....
  • Beth cannot recognize Red Velvet members.
  • Ally likes how this music video was edited.
  • Ally and Sarah likes the forest scene.
  • Beth thought it was creepy to have someone staring at you in the forest.
  • According to Ally, the other Red Velvet members made fun of Wendy for not having noticeable eyebrows.
  • Ally likes the vocals in this song.

Here's a link to an article post by allkpop explaining a few theories about the music video...click here. And here's another link to the commentary video by Red Velvet uploaded on the M2 YouTube channel...click here yet again. - Ally
So that is it for tonight....I just got back from school and I'm very close to falling into deep sleep but I haven't had dinner so......*cries*. By the time you see this, my sleep is most likely replenished. LOL Hopefully.

Have a merry, jolly Christmas,