Setback-ed by Sarah | Ally & Beth

Objective: Get Sarah's early birthday present
Location: A mall
Time: 2.02 p.m.
Date: 28 October, 2016
Perspective: Ally & Bethany

It was a nice day...we thought everything was gonna go well as long as Sarah stayed away from the mall. Little did we know, we'd be setback-ed (is that even a word) by Sarah. This problem began at roughly 2.02 p.m. when we checked our phones and realised that Sarah was in the exact same mall literally 100m away having lunch with her fam jam (and the text she sent was at 1:20 p.m. so you can just imagine how we felt....). *panicked*
We were taking a break from all the shopping (Reality: we were actually dividing the cost of her presents) so we chose Baskin Robbins to rest our feet and have ice cream. Honestly, we actually thought this situation through before this problem began. We were like, 'What if we met Sarah here?'....we didn't think we'd actually JINX ourselves.

Our mood changed from happy & satisfied that we got great gifts to an instant -100 oh crap we're in a life or death situation. Like honestly, you'll never know until you actually experience it yourself and honey, you don't want to experience this.

As soon as we heard Sarah was done with her meal via text message we ran away like wimps to the top floor because Beth's logic was nobody looks up. 
Clarification: The mall has 4 floors and Sarah was having lunch on the 3rd floor. We were also eating ice cream on the same floor as Sarah.
Initially, we wanted to stalk Sarah from the top floor just to make sure Sarah didn't catch us though unfortunately, we couldn't see Sarah because our view was blocked by opaque glass. That didn't work out for us... So the natural instinct of a human (maybe just us) when faced with "danger" was to run the opposite direction (or the direction that will not pass the restaurant she was in).
We ran into a bookstore which was the most unlikely place for us to run into Sarah (not that Sarah doesn't read it was just because Sarah was with her family and her sister would most likely drag her to Topshop/Forever 21...etc) 
Red: Where Sarah would go
Blue: Where Sarah would most likely not go
We then decided to give Ally's mother a call to pick us up because we were on the verge of a heart/panic attack. Unfortunately, Ally's mother was gonna pick us up from the other side of the mall. 
Explanation: It's a wide mall that is divided into 2 sections a.k.a one where Sarah would go and would most likely not go (this 'rule' applies only when she's with her family)
So, we went to the top floor again (the bookstore was at the ground floor, by the way) and ran across to the other side of the mall, carrying big bags filled with Sarah's presents. P.S. They were heavy... Coincidentally, Sarah was in a shop close by where Ally's mother was supposed to pick us up from. We took an elevator down because we didn't wanna be exposed if we used the escalator. We were so paranoid that we stood on either side of the elevator to keep an eye on Sarah: the walking Halloween nightmare's presence nearby.
Red: Where Sarah would go
Blue: Where Sarah would most likely not go
  After we got out of the elevator, our human instincts kicked in again so we just literally ran out of the mall like 2 people who just committed a crime and was trying to flee the scene. We ended up hiding behind a security guard house or as Beth likes to call it...a security hut. (Ally: How was that a hut?) For some reason, a bunch of crows decided to make an appearance and disturb our peace that we finally got after running out of the mall. Beth now has a new found dislike towards crows whereas Ally is traumatised by crows.....
We know Sarah wants to say something about this so.......feel free, Sares. She's actually beside us working on another post (Hint: it has something to do with K-Pop). But when she's done, she'll come over and write here so....Sarah, here you go. Write below this.
Okay seems like I'm forced to say sorry even though 
1. I didn't have a choice whether  or not I wanted to go the mall
2. I also was shocked to see them there because I didn't know they were there
But I'll still say sorry because they made such an effort to make a list of people I have to say sorry to
1. Well sorry to Ally & Beth for giving you a heart attack (I need a sorry too because they gave me a shock, I mean like seeing your two best friends at a mall without you.....)
2. Sorry Beth... we can get it the next time!!
3. Sorry to Ally's mother for wasting gas and your time.
4. Sorry to the clothing store (?). I don't know why this is necessary but yeah sorry! Beth will buy from you soon!

Objective: Have lunch with family
Location: A mall
Time: 1.20 p.m.
Date: 28 October, 2016
Perspective: Sarah
And btw just to say my side of the whole story.... I saw Ally and Beth a few seconds after I walked into the mall. Like right after I came in so yeah their luck wasn't very good. When I saw them I hid behind my sister because I thought it would be awkward if we met each other... like what can I say? Why are you at a mall and why didn't you invite me? Probably can't say that. And what can Ally and Beth say anyways? So yeah I just avoided them to avoid an awkward situation.

It was really fun trying to scare them and make them lie after that though. After I sat down at the restaurant I kept messaging Beth asking her questions like "Oh what are you doing today?" The restaurant that I'm in had a balcony thing(?) where you can see all the floors below the restaurant. Hehehe. It was really funny because Beth kept asking me where I was and stuff. It also happened on the day they gave me the presents because so COINCIDENTALLY, Ally and Beth reached my place at the same time. (talk about being obvious. Kind of). Hahaha. Sorry for that but :P
Lol. But all in all I just wanna say thanks to Ally and Beth for getting me the presents. I really like them! Also, thanks SO MUCH for being the best-est friends ever <3<3 
---Sarah's section ends---

Objective: Self-defence
Location: Bethany's room
Time: 11:25 p.m.
Date: 30 October, 2016
Perspective: Bethany

In my defence, I didn't actually ask Sarah where she was. I just told her not to run into poles and goal asking this is because then, her reply would've either been:
  1. I'm still at the restaurant.
  2. I won't.
Also, technically I didn't lie to an extreme level. When she asked what I was doing, I said I was chilling with TV and ice cream. And to top it off, I was at Baskin Robbins when she asked that. So yeah.....they have those television board things for promotions and I had ice cream. I just didn't tell her where the TV was and if the ice cream was from my freezer...or not.
---Beth's section ends---

So that is it for this post! Have a Happy & Safe Halloween. Umm, this is our Halloween post because this experience was scary - which is kinda pretty much a stereotyped Halloween in one word. It just made sense to us.
Random Quote of The Post
"Every time I think of Halloween, I think about Red Velvet's song 'Happiness' cause there's a BOOYAH" - Ally

Ally & Beth (ft. our very own walking-Halloween/Sarah).

P.P.S: To those wondering; there are 2 'very-typical' malls that the three of us go to and Sarah always goes to Mall A with her family but somehow we were so unlucky that Sarah's family just had to go to Mall B.


  1. XD this was a reat post!!! I love the feeling of needing to Mission Impossible out of a situation XD One that isn't actually life threatening though XD I think its fun to have little adventures like that :)

    1. Hahaha we're so glad you enjoyed it!!

      - Forty-Two³


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