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I've been mentioning it over and over again in my past few posts about a new series that I'll be doing from time to time and today's the day! The new series is gonna be all about a recount on my trips/holidays/vacations. I personally enjoy traveling a lot and I thought why not share my experience with you guys... This new series won't be very frequent because it kinda depends if I do go travelling or not.....but I'll be sure to give you guys a heads up so you can look forward to them.
Hey hey hey!!! For some reason, it took me the longest time ever to actually get in the mood to write this post. When I say long, I actually mean like 7 months. So, this post is actually 7 months late. Sorry..... For the first post to this new series, I'm gonna be talking? writing? posting? (I don't know) about my not-so-recent trip to Bali, Indonesia!
This trip was more of a getaway holiday after a long year...something I really needed. We actually just went to the usual tourist areas. We as in my family and I (just to clear the air...I didn't like run away or anything)
Something really interesting about Bali are the little streets. Honestly, you'll never know what you're missing if you overlook the tiny streets. Most of the streets are filled with local businesses and cute cafes. It's actually the perfect background for an impromptu photo shoot. Just saying~
I didn't really have the time to chill out by the beach though (went shopping instead ^_^) but I'm not that into getting any tanner than I already am. Personally, I think I look like a baked potato so I definitely don't wanna be a burned potato 🍠 (is that even a potato? Or is it a sweet potato?)
I think it's kinda a thing to visit temples or shrines when visiting Bali. Although, I only ended up visiting one just cause we had plans for the rest of the day. I didn't really take much pictures at the temple because for some reason, I think it's kinda disrespectful in a way. So yea...this are all that I took from the temple. Personally, this particular temple looked a bit like an Indiana Jones set. I was just amazed. Also, for someone who has never watched the Indiana Jones series, is it weird that for the most part of my entire life, I thought Indiana Jones was a girl?!?!
P.S. No offence to any Indiana Jones fanatic out there...


Anyways, back to the actual post, my sister was bugging to go to the zoo so my parents kinda just gave in after much pestering (my sister is older so that says a lot) If you're wondering what was answer your question simply, animals! What animals? Tigers, variety of monkeys, elephants, deer, lions, ducks and also a WHITE TIGER!!!! I'm like a major fan of white tigers! My favourite storybook is based of a white tiger so I kinda fangirled in front of the white tiger for about a good 30 minutes.....*it was sleeping most of the time*

Anyways, right after the zoo excursion we went for a sunset dinner by the beach. Let me just say, your soul will feel so at peace that you'd think that you would melt in your seat *like Olaf.* The cool breeze and the scenery was to die for. Although on that particular day, it was a little cloudy so you couldn't really see the full sunset but I absolute L.O.V.E.D it!!! There were a ton of seafood restaurants along the road. So just pick one and enjoy the amazing seafood the restaurants have to offer~
Also, if you’re ever in Indonesia…I dare you to try ‘Luwak coffee.’ It’s apparently a very famous type of coffee that is made from coffee beans that have been through the digestive system of an animal called the ‘Luwak.’ Basically, the ‘luwak’ is fed with coffee beans but they don’t actually digest it so they’ll poop it out. After, "pooped-out coffee beans" will be cleaned and roasted to make coffee!!! It is the weirdest way I have ever heard someone make coffee like that but it apparently makes the bean more fragrant than usual..... I actually tried it out without adding any milk and I’ll have to say that it was the bitterest thing I’ve ever tasted. Personally, it’s one of those things that you have to try but never ever again...
I visited a place where they actually showed you the process of making ‘Luwak coffee’ and I’ll have to say that it was a new experience…I mean like where else would I be able to see the process of making coffee from beans that have passed through an animal’s digestive system…?

This is just a random suggestion but if you’re looking for a place to eat…I totally recommend a place called ‘Potato Head.’ It’s not like your average restaurant but more of a bar/restaurant kinda thing. No worries because there isn’t an age restriction… The place is kinda divided into two parts. One, serving local Balinese food and another serving Western cuisine. I opted for the local cuisine section, which is called ‘Lilin.’ I think it made a lot more sense to try out local cuisine considering I wasn’t too familiar with the type of food Indonesia has to offer.

That’s kinda it for my trip to Bali, Indonesia. I didn’t really go out that much because I’m more of an indoor person so I just kinda stayed in my little box of comfort that is either in the room or go for a swim. I really hope that you found this post interesting. I’ll soon be doing a follow-up in the ‘Travel with Ally’ series…so stay tuned!!!


  1. I love traveling! Although I hate packing... I just want my entire closet to somehow magically come with me everywhere XD I've never been to an Asian country other than The Philippines but one of my friends lived and worked in Indonesia for a while and she seemed to have great adventures as well! And I get what you mean about not wanting to take lots of pics of the temples. I feel weird about taking a lot of pics of like churches or burial sites. I dunno, its just weird to me.


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