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Wassupppp! Wow that sounded weird. I hope you pictured me saying it in a very cool way though. Anyway we're going to be reacting to Spring Love by Eric Nam & Wendy from SM Station. Personally, I really like this song and saved it on my phone right after I heard it. I hope you like the song too and enjoy reading our reactions! - Sarah
Beth from now onwards due to editing reasons. YES. I edit these posts and add pictures while Sarah/Ally types the audios. #teamwork.

P/S: This post includes a special guest appearance from my sister whom we shall be calling, 'Hanna'. She doesn't know that she's in this though....In my defense, I didn't tell her to speak while we were recording...Also, I didn't wanna let her be known as 'Beth's sister' cause she has her own identity too and it's unfair to her, as a human being to just be known as my sister.
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
Here's the videooooo
------Reaction Starts Now------
Sarah: In this video Wendy isn't that pretty.
Ally: I think she's very pretty.
Sarah: I like her straight hair.
Beth: Oh this guy!
Ally: Tell me what you think about the song.
Beth: He's from that breakfast breakfast something...
Sarah: Huh?? ASC but okay....
Beth: Breakfast one.
Beth: What they're dating?
Sarah: No
Ally: It's fake.
Beth: That requires A LOT of acting.
Beth: A lot of acting skills.
Ally: Tell me what the song is about..
Beth: Spring Love! *Captain obvious*
Ally: No. I mean how is the song?
Beth: Slow.
Sarah: But it's nice.
Ally: Eric Nam.
Beth: Yeah he's on the breakfast thing right?
Sarah: No.. ASC
Ally: What breakfast thing is she talking about?
Beth: After School Club!
Ally: Then what breakfast are you talking about?
Beth: Hahahaha I thought it was breakfast.
Hanna: It's After School Club.
Beth: Yeah I know that's what I just said.
Beth: OMG his face looks familiar.
Taken from the We Got Married series with Henry and Yewon as the couple.
(I'm SORRY that's the best I can do) - B
BTW, Eric is the guy in the white sweater with those black itsy bitsy polka dots
Hanna: He went on WGM with Chloe Grace Moretz.
Beth: Yeah I know.
Hanna: For like one episode.
Ally: But he's very close with her. 
Beth: Yeah. Chloe Grace Moretz is like obsessed with K-pop.
Ally: She's an American singer I respect.
Beth: She's not a singer....
Ally: An American person I respect!
Beth: Actress. She's the actress for If You Stay.
Sarah: If You Stay?
Beth: If You Stay. Wait. If You Stay? NO! I meant If I Stay.
Sarah: ?????
Beth: He looks familiar. OMG who does he look like?
Taken from one of the ASC episodes....
Mark (Left) Jackson (Right)
Hanna: Have you watched the Markson show on ASC?
Ally: Yes I have.
Sarah: Yeah. I watched all.
Hanna: It's SO nice.
Beth: He looks SO familiar.
Ally: Are you even listening to the song?
Beth: Yes but I'm trying to think who he looks like.
Ally: I thought this part was weird.
Beth: Ugh who does he look like?
Sarah: I don't like that it keeps cutting *the video*
Ally: I think that it's meant to be like that.
Beth: No. I think it would make MY life easier (Fast moving videos are HARD to screenshot)
Ally: The thing is not even moving.
Ally: Yeah  many people say they look good together.
Beth: For some reason he looks like a mix of Baekhyun.
Ally: *Sighs* Everyone looks like Baekhyun to you..
Sarah: How does he look like Baekhyun??
Beth: AND no wait this is a lot of.... *doesn't finish the sentence......again*
Ally: Even he's embarrassed.
Sarah: Of course!
Ally: She's a girl group member.
Beth: This is from Red Velvet.
Beth: He looks familiar.
Ally: Red Velvet doesn't have a fan club name right?
Sarah: No.
Beth: Ice Cream Cake? No wait chocolate cake. It can be cupcake too.
Sarah: The thing isn't even moving and he's scared.
Ally: It is moving. *referring to the ride*
Sarah: But when they shot this scene I don't think it was moving.
Beth: His ears are red.
Ally: He's embarrassed.
Sarah: Awww.
Beth: So his ears turn red when he's embarrassed?
Ally: Some people do...
Sarah: It's so red though.
Beth: *starts singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer*
Beth: For all you know he really likes her.
Ally: I wouldn't be surprised.
Sarah: For all you know.. Would you mind it?
Ally: No. I won't mind
Sarah: Basically SM Station is when they don't promote the song.
------Video Ends------
  • Eric Nam looks like someone familiar to Beth
  • Eric Nam's red ears provide interest to Beth
  • Sarah likes Wendy's hair straight
  • This song is too slow for Beth
  • Ally and Sarah should be proud of Beth (ME) cause she found videos of the WGM and ASC episodes without help AND can tell apart Mark and Jackson (Got7)
Yeah I'm too lazy to do an outro. I've done so many that I'm running out of ideas. Help? - Sarah
Apparently Sarah has done the intro and outro so wheeeeeeeee! (Yes, Ally and I consider that the outro lol)
P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Hanna' is, feel free to browse through the tabs above with the label 'Appearances' to learn more :)


  1. I'm trying to remember when I first heard of Eric Nam... I don't remember exactly... it might have been through Simon and Martina aka Eat Your Kimchi... But I feel like I might have heard of him when he did the talent show things... I dunno XD
    But I like them both, Eric and Wendy! And I love that they are American! XD Wendy's voice sometimes reminds of of Luna's from f(x).


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