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I’m “Back Again”. I literally waited till it was 2 just so I could make a reference saying it’s “2pm”. This is the “First Time” I’m doing this kind of post on a “Sunny Afternoon” and most probably the last because this took me sooo long to think and also I had to unleash all my knowledge about Kpop, which took a long time… “Don’t U Wait No More” because here goes nothing~

Disclaimer: I know that this might turn out to be the most boring post ever written on the face of the planet so I kinda tried to make this post as meaningful as it can be. Might not be very meaningful.....

Sometimes you just feel like you can “Fly” up to the sky because there are no “Borders” that can make you feel “Chained Up”. But there are others whom “Always” try to bring you down. “Remember That”, just because you like something different from the rest, it makes you that much more special. Being the “Black Pearl” makes you stand out. Even if it’s “Just One Day”, the next time someone questions you for acting or behaving in a certain way, just stand up for yourself and ask them “Am I Wrong” for wanting to be me.

No mater what, just remember that "Happiness" is more important than anything. Whenever it gets “Rough”, just take a step back and “Breathe”. Although sometimes life may seem like a game of “Russian Roulette” and as fragile as a “House of Cards” because one wrong move can mess everything up, “Take It Slow” and fall into a “Time Slip”. “If You Do”, you’ll never regret anything in life. Learn to “Cherish” everything that comes in life…

Whenever you feel the “Emptiness”, don’t question “Why” and just “Cheer Up”. Just continue to be the “Pretty U” that you are. Remember to always “Be Natural” and stay true to yourself. Don’t “Run” away from your true personality because you’re uniquely you… “Don’t Forget” to love yourself and be your own “Starlight”. Stay strong and prove to yourself that you can be the "Lucky One".

“I” hope this post turned out to be a “Home Run” for those of you who enjoy Kpop “Just Right” as much as I do. It feels like a “Dream” that we’ve come this far with this blog. “Everytime” I see an extra read to our blog…I just “Feel So Good”! “Without You”, I just can’t imagine life considering that we’ve thrown everything “All In” this blog. “A Few Years Later”, this is “Somethin Kinda Crazy” but I hope that we will all still be able to connect with each other through this blog. To end this post on a short note, thank you “Very Very Very” much for everything.

"Always In My Heart",
Ally ♡



  1. Hey! I'm Cara. I've just discovered your blog, it's amazing. I love the way you created it, it's so lovely. And I love your posts, they're awesome. Check out my blog : gorjussthings.blogspot.com

    1. Hello Cara :) Thanks for the sweet comment! Your blog is lovely, by the way!

      - Forty-Two³

  2. Wow! That was really good! :D I can never come up with stuff like that, the whole using song lyrics or titles thing to make sentences XD I also can't do puns, but I admire when others can!


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