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Hello! Today's post is gonna be a little recap on my year as this will be my final 'solo-post' of the year. Pretty scary if you come to think about it.
Personally, I feel like this year was the ultimate year and more of like my 'wake-up' point in life. I've had my fair share of tears or....'eyeball sweat' and joy. What I've learned most was that no matter how someone's actions are to you, never jump to conclusions as it may be different in their perspective. And no matter how bad a situation may seem at first, everything will work out for the better. Honestly, I promise you; God has everything planned. Not to go all spiritual but I'm really serious. Like I can't stress how serious I am.....for once in my life.

Okay! Deep stuff over. Time for some FUN!
....I don't have anything fun talk about so I figured I'll let you know what my favourite random stuff were for 2016!
As much as I'd like to say, 'Suicide Squad' was my favourite movie of 2016.....I can't cause I haven't watched it yet though I heard that it was the BOMB. But really, Central Intelligence and Me Before You were the two movies I enjoyed the most in 2016. Star Wars VII on the other hand.....haha if movies released in December 2015 count....sure put that on the list too.

P.S: This is only if High School Musical (all 3) and The Sound Of Music DON'T count.
So you all already probably know about my love towards Pretty Little Liars. It was genius-ly written. But if you exclude that, 2 Broke Girls is my next top fave of this year. It is SO funny. I promise you....if you're over 13 it's definitely a must-watch. Unless you're super innocent, you'll definitely get so much giggles out of this.
Something you probably know about is that Ally and Sarah are CRAZY over K-Pop. Something you probably don't know is that I used to like K-Pop....And this blog consists of  a constant K-Pop reaction 'series' yeah it's all K-Pop these days..... And I'm not saying this because I have favouritism anything but W - Two Worlds has definitely earned the spot as my favourite K-Drama of 2016.

Fun Fact! Han Hyo Joo is my all-time favourite Korean Actress. This pick was not due to favouritism. LOL. This drama was actually good.
This was the hardest. But I've narrowed it down to these two songs because I didn't have space in the picture to fit another one unless I overlapped it and honestly.....I didn't wanna overlap it so I had to choose. Let Me Love You by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber was such a sweet song and it's groovy at the same time. It's so worth your 3 minutes. Another song that I find super beautiful is Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara. This is such an amazing song and it conveys such a beautiful message as well.
Wasn't that something random to write about haha.....Let's do something even more random: To write down what I'm thankful for in the year 2016. Skip this if you are allergic to:
  1. Long essays.
  2. A lot of words.
  3. Cheesiness.
1. I'm gonna be Captain Obvious and say, I'm thankful for: water, oxygen, food, shelter, my cells, my tissues, my muscles, my organs, my body system, my bones, my limbs, blood plasma, blood cells, clouds, sky, animals, plants and any other super-obvious things you could think of.
2. My's pretty obvious why I'm thankful for them without my parents, I would not have anyone to take care of me (kinda) and I wouldn't have financial support to get my basic needs....(NOT that I'm saying they're my personal bank). And without my siblings....I'll never learn that the world does not revolve around me. In other words, sharing is caring unless it's sickness.
3. My friends cause I'll be Miss Stressed Out 2.0 without them. Just kidding! Without them, who else is gonna do crazy weird things with me?
4. In particular, I'm thankful for Ally and Sarah....cause they just deserve to be on this list for reasons I can't think of cause I'm thankful for so many things they've done that I've lost track. But if you do wanna know...these girls motivate me to be a better version of myself. They have motivated me to be a lot more hardworking when it comes to my studies and extra-curricular. These two always have my back no matter what and I'm so thankful for that.
5. I'm also thankful for my good friend (possibly telepathetic twin - we have this strange telepathy and we think it's pathetic so....tele-pathetic....we're so lame I know) Elaine! She's always been there for me and honestly, in the year 2016, I've been to her house and vice versa so many times that at one point, we even said that we were sick of seeing each other daily (JK we're not actually....but it was an expression we used). Also, during our assignments she was with me since the day we got the assignments and stayed up 'til 3 a.m. to motivate me to finish it up.
6. The internet. Thanks to the wonderful creation of 'WiFi', I get to connect to the rest of the world and what more share my thoughts with every single person reading this. In conjunction with that, I'm also super thankful for all the readers of this little website that Ally, Sarah and I share. I know it's not about the numbers but it's just cool to know someone out there in the world actually took their time to read what we have to say.
7. Save the best for last! I'm most definitely thankful for God. Without God, nothing in my life would've been possible. I mean the possibilities are probably there but maybe there won't be a guided conscience in me to choose the best? I don't know....I've never tried life without believing in God and I don't think I'll ever wanna stop believing.
So that's all I've narrowed down in this compact 'grateful' post. Honestly, this year has really been amazing and despite the little ups and downs and might I add the stress, it has been incredible (and pretty sad) watching the year pass by in a blink of an eye. I can't wait to sit down and write more posts in 2017 and the upcoming years!
P.P.S: If you're confused as to who, 'Elaine' or 'Miss Stressed-Out' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more!


  1. I dunno your specific situation when you said "don't assume the other person"... but man, two years ago... That was me with a situation of my own x"D But, its true! Everything happens for a reason, so learn from it, and God's got a plan :D
    Hmmm... My fav movie... was probably Captain America:Civil War and Dr. Strange... I feel like there was another movie I saw, that wasn't released this year... that I liked, but I can't remember what it was... And I have no idea how you can pick a fav song XD But some Groups I've discovered this year were Royal Tailor (they've not broken up, but the lead singer went solo) and a solo dude named Jonathan Thulin.

    1. I couldn't agree more! It's pretty amazing to see how things turn out for the better - even from a seemingly bad situation. But dang though....I am so behind >.<! I have yet to watch Captain America: Civil War and Dr. Strange.....I've heard so many positive reviews about it from my friends but I could barely find time to squeeze in a movie and eventually forgot all about it. (But now I really wanna watch it! XD) But oh my...choosing my favourite song that highlights the entire year took me so long hahaha

      - Bethany


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