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Hello everyone, Beth from Forty-Two³ here. Before you freak out, no we're not stopping this blog. Don't be alarmed. 😁😁😁. The three of us are still best friends and our friendship didn't go downhill nor is it bumpy (etc.). We're fine; everything is fine. We didn't decide to quit blogging or anything.
So now that I've said that, you probably don't really care but I just wanted to put up this short notice here on the blog that Ally, Sarah and I will be on a tiny (minuscule) hiatus.
The reason being, we're gonna be taking a super huge test/exam that means a lot to us (and possibly our future - kinda), in mid October and we are pretty determined to stay focused on our studies in order to get good grades.
[We've decided to go on a break so soon because we need time to study! And there are a tonne of incoming homework as teachers probably wanna polish our 'inner nerd' (...?)]
Last year was different as we didn't have a definite schedule of posting and we weren't exactly taking a test that was as important as this is. We're not saying that this blog is a burden on our shoulders or anything because we really enjoy creating content in our posts but as for now, we are being whimps and not wanting to risk our grades just because there's a possibility that we can't juggle posting and studying.
I hope you guys all understand where we're coming from and don't worry, we'll be back very soon. This small hiatus will span across from the 17th of August 2016, which is today up 'til the 21st of October 2016; which is a little over 2 months (or about 9 weeks).
We've tried making our posts last week a little longer as well and if you want to, you could totally browse through our 'Archive' tab above to read more posts. Also, at the bottom of the Archive tab, you'll see a little (or big, cause I enlarged it) link that leads to our archives of 2015.

FACT! This is our 99th post! So...you have a total of 98 things that can be read (excluding this).

We're really sorry if we've disappointed any of you and we really hope you guys understand. <3
Wish us luck for this test and we'll be back before you know it. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Thank you so much for reading and we'll talk to you guys soon.
With love,
Ally, Beth and Sarah
P.S: Can you imagine: the next time you hear from us, we're gonna be yelling 'FREEDOM!!!!'?
Also this was hard to resist (I just had to add this in):
I can't find the original one that is allowed to be posted here.
I'm hoping this is the correct one!!!
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We'll be back, we promise.


  1. I'm not disappointed at all :) In fact I'm more proud that you have to foresight to see something like this ahead of time rather than take on more than you can or end up not posting and everyone wondering what happened. So, this is just fine ^_^ Kick those exams in the butt! There's a SuJu song that says that... or is it "don't kick it in the butt" or "go kick it in the butt" I think it was SPY... XD Anyway, have fun with school!

  2. I agree with Against! I have been a reader for quite some time and it took me loads of guts to leave a comment. I wish you girls luck and may God bless you. Can't wait for your return!

    xx Annie


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