Hair Care Routine | Sarah

Hey hey hey!
I'm back with another post! So anyway Ally and Beth have been doing a lot of skincare stuff so I thought that I should do hair care cause you can't just focus on your face and neglect your hair right? So these are just some products I use now and then to get my hair really healthy.

Schwarzkopf Hydro Collagen Shampoo

This shampoo is actually really affordable. And also probably the only thing I bought on my list. My sister bought the rest, so I don't know where you can get it but I know it's good. This shampoo contains collagen (duhh it says it in the name) and collagen helps to increase hair elasticity and strength. The shampoo also contains keratin which helps make your hair smoother. But tbh I bought it cause I thought the blue was pretty.

Kerastase Elixir K Ultime

I am gonna mention this in my January Favourites too but as for now I'll just say: It's really really good and you can see immediate results! Plus the yellow is pretty XD.  Oh and further examining the bottle (for the first time) I found out its suitable for all hair types and it contains corn germ? camellia, argon and pracaxi oils.

Kerastase Resistance Hair Mask

This mask is also so so amazing. You know when you're hair just really isn't doing well? Yeah this is the cure for it. It really makes your hair super smooth and just makes it feel amazing. Plus, it smells nice! It's a rinse off mask and you have to leave it on for like 10 mins which is kinda annoying but I mean if you really want nice hair then yeah this is a GREAT product.

Carlton Hair Elixir

I've been using this for quite a while now (hence it being almost finished T.T) It lasted me a really long time though. I bought it like at start of last year? So it's been about a year since I got it. I would just like to take the time to thank this hair elixir for serving me for so long and being so loyal even though when every time I use it, I'm in a way killing it XD. Sorry! But this hair elixir really helped me throughout the year. Never failed me once. (wipes tear)

Kerastase K Ultime Hair Oil

This is a new product I've been using which is why I still have the box. And actually while I was writing this I realized I have A LOT of Kerastase products. Hahaha I'm in no way sponsored by them though. (but Kerastase do you want to sponsor me your products? I would love to have some free samples XD XD jkjk) The oil is kind of green in colour which I actually don't really like cause green isn't my favorite colour. My sister uses this often and her hair is really nice so this product definitely works.

Kerastase Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate

I don't use this often but when my scalp is in need of help this is what I turn to. It has like this syringe thing which is not sharp. I don't know what to call it! (You fail at English sarah) But anyways whatever it is, it's cool. So basically you kinda squirt the serum on your scalp and it slowly helps and repairs your scalp! :)

Miriamquevedo Gold Lotion

This smells SO SO SO good. Oh and it's not a lotion but it's called a lotion. Idk why but let me make it clear for you, it's a spray. And it's gold. Like literally gold flakes. This is the coolest product I own. And that's the reason why it's still full. It makes your hair really shiny and once again smooth! So you put this on as a finishing spray and it just completes the whole process.

So yeah that was my hair care routine!! Yayyyy! The first routine thing I've done! It was really fun writing and I'll be sure to make another routine post soon!