February Favorites: Food Edition | Bethany

It's that time of the month again!!! (If you're a girl then no....not your menstruation time lol).
It's time for a February FAVORITES POST!!!
To be honest, I've just been eating food during February (I mean, who doesn't.....). What I'm trying to say is yeah we eat food otherwise we'd be starved but this month in particular is like BOOM FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD (Read that in the Work song by Rihanna and Drake)

In other words, this is why this favorites post have the words 'Food Edition'.

Without further ado, let's hop into my favorites post!
The first food stuff that has got me head over heels is this right down here! :
This is a chocolate-biscuit thing I got from Japan. Technically, I wasn't the one who went to Japan so yeah... (It was a gift :-]). I can't really tell you what this says because it's in Japanese and I can't read the words.... I just assume there's the word Chocolate (Chocolat) and White (Blanc). So I'm guessing it's 'White Chocolate'.
It's basically White Chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of vanilla biscuits (?).
I'm so annoyed by the fact that I have to go TO Japan to get this chocolate-biscuit thing if I wanna eat it again. Basically, when I do go to Japan, I'm gonna buy a billion of these so I would be satisfied for the rest of my life. Just saying.

This is chocolate.

This is my life.

This is from Marks And Spencer.

This is called the Swiss Chocolate: Extra Fine Milk Chocolate Discs.

This is really good.

This is something you should try if you have a Marks and Spencer nearby.

This is all I'm gonna say.

This is because I got nothing to say.

This is just really really REALLY good.
I'm gonna stop saying 'This is'.

Okay so the first two were kinda sorta unhealthy. And don't worry, I didn't snack on them 24/7. I only had it once a week or something like that.... :)

And as a substitute for my sweet tooth cravings last month, I have been snacking on these:
Because come on....too much chocolate is gonna rot your teeth. So kids, eat more fruits and vegetables. It's good for your health too.

Plus it's yummy.


Arizona Tea:  Mucho Mango.

And for starters, what could possible go wrong with mango? This fruit is the bae. Not just any bae. THE bae.

Unless....you don't like mango.

It tastes exactly like mango with a hint of tea. Though the mango does over power the tea.

If I'm not mistaken and 'Mucho' means 'Much', then this name is exactly what the drink is.

Thumbs up from meeeee!
I'm not the biggest minion fan out there on this planet but I think it's safe to say that these biscuits are amazing. I'm not just talking about how they added so much details in the minions but the fact that it's tastes just like any regular vanilla cookie and not like....weird.
The fact that it's so small makes it easy to be eaten as you can put the whole thing in your mouth instead of taking small bites which could result in crumbs falling everywhere.
AND every time there are little kids around my house, it just makes my life easier when they get into a fight and cry because I'll have something to calm them down with.


Now I just sound like a mean teenager. But these cookies do put a smile on all my little cousins' face.

Ahhh kids.


So that is it for my little February Favourites. Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you guys really sooooooon!