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Hello again for the ninth hundred and ninety-ninth time.
I'm sorry.....I've just been editing and writing intros plus taking pictures for 3 days STRAIGHT. So it kinda feels like I've been saying Hi and introducing you guys to these posts many, many times. Though you probably won't see this 'til months later. (4 months to be exact)
Anyways, today we'll be showing you guys our reaction to Got7's Confession Song!
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
------Reaction Starts Now------
Beth: OMG they are so hardworking.....
Ally: This is in a school and this is their Christmas song.
Ally: I like this person's laugh *refers to some random student*
Beth: So they're going around being the joke of the class?
Ally: No, they're asking who these few girls and boys are then they're gonna take them somewhere...
Ally: Imagine if this was real and someone with a Rudolph head comes and grabs you.
Beth: I'll probably be like RAPIST *in a super high pitch tone*
Sarah: They found out it's Got7 though.
Ally: Jackson. They realized it was him after hearing his voice.
Ally: I wanna believe this is 100% real.
Beth: Wait this one......whaaaa?? They don't know?
Ally & Sarah: Yeah they don't know.

(Side Note: The song only starts now......)
Sarah: Cute right.
Ally: It's a Christmas song!
Beth: I love anything Christmas!
Ally  Are there lyrics?

~ After a long silence ~

Beth: If people were to make me do this.....like if I were to be that lucky to be in this MV I better get the hottest one. If this were to be EXO and I get Tao or something... -_- I swear I'll kick them (inside joke)
Ally and Sarah: ..... -_-
Ally: Look at the lyrics then you'll understand.

- Long silence once again -

Sarah: Just imagine that happened.
Ally: I will melt, like Olaf.
Sarah: I wouldn't even care about the person in the mask cause I would be like OMG it's Got7!
Sarah: I like Mark's part the best.
Sarah: OMG Youngjae *points at Youngjae being weird*

Ally: I'll show you my favourite part later, Beth.
Ally: If you don't understand the music video, I'll explain it to you later.
Beth: What's there to explain? They just won a contest to be in the music video.
Ally: Hold on there is a story line.
Sarah: Yeah a very cute story line. It's super nice...
Sarah: I don't think that they actually arranged it. The PD was probably like, 'Put this here.'
Sarah: Did you watch the one with the camera already *referring to free dance live video*
Ally: Yea...it's funny.
Beth: They (Got7) are just gonna instantly boost their popularity in school *referring to the students*
Sarah: Oh my favourite part!
Ally: My favourite part too (both referring to Mark's part)
Ally: Wait for it.....
Beth: *straightforwardly* Are they talking about period?
Ally: *hits Beth*
Sarah: I like this part *referring to Mark's part "earphone han jjogeul neoui sone"*
Beth: Oh that's in real life *finally realizes near the end of the video*
Ally: Yeah, they went to a high school. But I don't know how they found out this person liking the other person......they then help them confess to the person they have feelings for.
Sarah: Yeah that's why it's called confession song.
Ally: Hold on my favourite part's coming *Mark's "ottae (?)"*
Ally: Ahhhh I missed it!!
This is what Ally's talking about

Beth: I expected somebody hotter though (referring to the school students *not to say that they're not good looking*)
Ally: They're in a school. How hot can they be....? *jokingly*
Sarah: But I mean if they randomly picked these people, and they're not bad looking, just imagine the people who are actually hot in that school... (get it?)
Beth: For all you know this school is filled with Tao look-alikes. *just joking*
------Video Ends------
(No offense to Tao and all his fans.  It's actually just an inside joke O_O . Same goes to the students in the school. Sorry again if we offended anyone.)

IT'S OVER!!! :(
  • Beth thinks the video is very 'Christmassy'.
  • The reindeer outfit is cute.
  • Beth thinks Youngjae looks like Xiumin (apparently)
Ally: I don't know on what planet. *referring to the third conclusion statement*
  • Anyways, Mark is the only one Beth didn't comment on.
  • So Mark is the best looking among Got7 according to Beth

Much Love,
Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words and reacting.
Beth - Adding pictures, editing the whole post and reacting.
Ally - Reacting and editing the post.


  1. Woah! You guys did this 4 months ago?? :O

    And I always wonder what i would do if I someone ran across a celebrity that I knew and liked XD this MV was cute though ^_^

    1. Yeah we did! It was reacted in February this year! (We, too were surprised to find this chilling in the drafts haha)

      Also - I know right?! We'd probably in awe! (And yes, I think we all agree. This MV was so adorable)

      - Forty-Two³


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