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Hello! It's me again.. Who am I? You must be wondering is this Ally? Beth? Lol you're wrong! This is Sarah. I'm being a very hardworking person by writing the intro! Yay! This time we're gonna be reacting to Luhan's *cries* 'That Good Good'. Yeah I don't have much to say... and I'm leaving my house soon so.... let's get right into the post!!!
You know after the disclaimers....
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
(Not sure if this is the right one....) 
Update: Just so you have a rough idea what's going on and why we're reacting to an older song....
It's currently the 4th of December as you read this but this was pre-written, edited and everything in late-February 2016. Regardless, I hope you enjoy. - Beth

----- Reaction Starts Now-----
First Look :)
Ally: Have you watched this before?
Beth: No.
Ally: Have you heard this before.
Beth: This looks like a Jackie Chan movie.
Ally: It does. I'll admit....it does.
Beth: All girls? He... oh wait *suddenly notices guys in the music video*
Ally: I don't think the song is that bad now.
Sarah: Not that bad compared to Lu right?
Ally: Yeah.
Beth: It sounds better than when you guys sing it.
Ally: Of course. We can't sing.
Beth: Hahahahahaha.
Ally: Look at the lyrics too.
Beth: Are you sure? *I think she's referring to the lyrics* (I am/was)
Beth: If he does... *interrupted by Sarah*
Sarah: You don't have to look at the lyrics....
Beth: If he.. *gets distracted*
Luhan: I'll tell you about, how it's gonna feel
Beth: *gasps* DEN DEN DENNNN (that over-dramatic sound effect)
Luhan: I got that good good, I got that got that good good
Beth: How good can it be!!!
Ally: Ahh I can't take it seriously.
Beth: *repeats in a mocking tone* Seriously, how good can it be?!?!
Ally: *indescribable noise* (sounds something like urghh and eww put together)
Sarah: Now you know who the dirty one in EXO was.
Beth: I mean how can he have the good-est good. Like if you look at it, they're all taller than him...O_O *Gets hit*
--- Silence---
Beth: The nicest thing I can say about this is, his makeup looks decent.
Ally: He looks... not bad.
Beth: *jokingly* Yeah!!! That's cause we've seen worse. For example; TOM*
Ally: Hahahahaha.
Ally: I don't like his red jumpsuit thingy.
Sarah: Yeah. It's like Running Man.
Ally: Yeah. I don't like it.
Sarah: Which you're not supposed to look good in. In Running Man, they purposely wear that cause they're gonna get dirty.
Beth: Well...ain't this song dirty.
--- Silence---
Ally: It does look like a Jackie Chan movie.
Sarah: Really?
Ally: Or some Chinese gangster...
Sarah: *laughs* Chinese gangster......
Beth: Yeah yeah!
Ally: *continues* movie...
Beth: You know what it looks like too? Besides some Jackie Chan movie....With like the club and the lights, it looks like...*interrupted*
Ally: Hahaha Bethany!
Beth: Okay fine...they have very synchronized dance moves. *tries to be nice and positive*
Sarah: Where do you think he learned how to dance from? *sarcastic*
Beth: Luhan probably gave them the 'good good' to make them dance better.
Ally: *another indescribable sound* (this time it's ohh mixed with eww)
Ally: I'm appreciating this song so much. If you were to compare it to his next song.
Sarah: Lu. His next song...even the music video is weird. Luckily he's not in it.
Beth: Hey! Is that Jackie Chan there?
Ally: He might! For all you know.
----- Song ends------
  • Beth thinks the music video looks like a Jackie Chan movie
  • Ally thinks it looks like a Chinese gangster movie
I don't really know what else to conclude. But no fear cause Ally and Beth are gonna come back to this post and add more conclusions!!!
Beth: Yeah....kinda.........this song is wrong at every level possible. Unless Luhan or anyone with a cleaner mind can clarify the lyrics to the song in the cleanest way possible that is able to bring a whole other meaning to it :) But you're gonna have to try harder for 'Lu' which is on the way!
Other conclusion(s):
  • This whole song triggered the dirtiest bit of Beth's mind
  • Beth thinks Luhan's make-up looks decent
  • Beth compliments their synchronization of dance moves
  • Sarah thinks the red jumpsuit in the music video looks like a Running Man jumpsuit
  • The three of us were mainly silent throughout the music video because we were speechless
  • None of us could talk properly without repeating or getting interrupted either because the music video was something to remember.....
Yayy! This is the first time I did a full post! (kind of.... The intro, the audio and the ending) (but Beth added pics and Ally edited the post). I hoped you enjoyed it! But even if you didn't..., we did!

Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words,  writing the intro, reacting and explaining.
Beth -  Adding pictures, editing the whole post and reacting.
Ally - Editing the post, reacting and explaining.

P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Tom' is, feel free to browse through the tabs above with the label 'Appearances' to learn more :)


  1. I have not been terribly impressed with Luhan, Kris, and Tao's music outside of Exo... I just hope they are all better off for it :/


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