Review: Nature Republic Fresh Vegetable Pack | Ally

Hi! It is I Ally… Today’s post is gonna be something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time ever but I never did cause I wasn’t sure if it’d be interesting enough but I finally worked up the courage to. I don’t usually purchase a product without reading reviews on it beforehand just so I never regret it later on. But it’s better to be safe than sorry people… (quote of the day J)

Today, I’m gonna be reviewing a product from one of my favourite brands ever and it’s the ‘Nature Republic Fresh Vegetable Pack.’ I’m not trying to be biased but Nature Republic is literally a go-to brand for me whenever I wanna try something new. And they almost never disappoint.
Disclaimer: I would just like to say that the reviews are 100% based on my personal opinion. I may not particularly enjoy a certain product but it may very well be just me. So it’s up to you at the end of the day.

I would just like to start off saying that I don’t really find the time to put on packs every weekend although I wish I did. I do own a lot of face masks and packs but this product really surprised me the first time I used it. I wouldn’t say that it solved all my problems but the consistency of this product is not something you would expect. I honestly didn’t know it would be this jelly-ish but I personally think it’s exactly like jelly. Well, vegetable jelly I guess (gross but yea…) It is super thick so it can be a little hard to spread on your face but I think the trick is to squeeze out some and then squish it between your fingers just to “soften” it. P.S. Make sure your hands are clean. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it but it just feels like gelatin. Long story short, vegetable jelly that is colourless. I found that using a spatula to spread it on your skin is the easiest way!!!

The scent on the other hand is really nice. It’s very faint so let’s just say your nose won’t be tortured. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell so it’ll be great for those who are a little sensitive to smell. Although, I read the ingredients list and it does state that there is fragrance in it. So if you’re totally against fragrances and completely 100% organic then maybe this isn’t the product for you. But if you don’t mind it that much then sure~
I purchased this a couple of months ago but I don’t keep receipts on my purchases so I can’t mention the price point but the prices may vary for most places. It depends on where in the world/planet you purchase the product but I would have to say that I remember it being really affordable. Especially since I was just starting off with skincare so I wasn’t too into splurging that much. Let’s just say it won’t make your heart stop if you were to glance at the price tag.

As for the packaging, it comes in a squeeze bottle so it’s really sanitary since you won’t be dipping your entire hand into the product every time you feel like applying a face pack. It squeezes out pretty easily. But because I did mention that it’s like jelly, the face pack is squeezed out as the shape of the opening. So it’s like a small cylindrical circle I guess…(I’m not the best at explaining but I’m trying my very best) >.<
You could choose to apply the face pack with your fingers or with a spatula or even a brush. Any brush would work as long as it isn’t too soft and it didn’t come from your arts and crafts section. From experience, using a spatula is way easier! Trust me!

This is gonna sound weird but this product contains a whole lot of vegetables I wouldn’t want on my plate. From potato pulp extract to carrot root extract to broccoli extract to rapeseed extract to turnip leaf extract to cabbage leaf extract to tomato fruit extract to licorice root extract to even celery extract. And a whole lot of weird vegetables. I can’t believe what I would never eat is what I’m putting on my skin for the sake of beauty J~ I guess this explains all the cute vegetable illustrations on the packaging. I will admit that they look really cute on the front…

I will say that my skin is fairly clear besides small little pimples popping up now and then. But after using this product, my skin feels really smooth and relaxed. It just feels fresh. Not to say that it took care of the pimple 'plantation' on my face but I guess it helped with the redness. Once you apply it, you can feel a cooling sensation which is nice after a long day.

This is it for my first ever review. Hope it was helpful and that I didn’t just waste like 5 minutes of your time reading my post. I think I’m gonna be doing more and more reviews in the future. I just hope my explaining skills get better by then >_<

Personally my own opinion,