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It's finally time guys!!! It's finally the time for our FORTY-SECOND (42nd) POST! We know....our blogging hasn't been all that constant. So in conjunction with our forty-second post celebration, we'll be using schedules to make our posts more constant!
So for the first time ever, let us introduce to you our weekly schedule!
And on every 4th, 16th and 22nd of the month, there will be a special 'K-Pop Reaction' post!
But if the 4th, 16th or 22nd lands on a posting day.....the whole week's post will be based off our 'K-Pop Reaction' series.
With that announcement out of the way, let's get on with this week's special: The BFF Tag!
Ally: As far as I know, I believe I only became closer to Beth in 2013. And as for Sarah.....the only memory I have was in 2014. Truthfully speaking, I have short-term memory so I don't really remember anything as a year passes. But I guess I did know the existence of both Beth and Sarah in middle school though. We just weren't as close of friends as we are now.

Beth: I met both Ally and Sarah in school. I met Sarah in 2009 when I was the new kid (she was the first person in that school to ever talk to me. And her first words to me were, 'Are you the new kid?'.) I was in the same class as Ally in 2010 but we didn't really communicate until 2012.

Sarah: I met Ally in 2008 but we didn't exactly know each other well till like 2014. I mean like we knew of each other's existence (or at least I did) but we never really talked to each other. I knew Beth in 2009. Well you probably know the rest cause it's explained by Beth. But we weren't very close till like the end of 2013.
Ally: I would have to birthday party! It was really really nice of my friends to put so much thought into it and I really loved the gift(s) they got me. Honestly, I was a little annoyed that the scavenger hunt involved so much walking and thinking. But at the end of the day, we all enjoyed a nice movie in the cinema with popcorn and nachos.

Beth: Sarah and I once stayed up 'til 2 a.m. planning for Ally's 'surprise birthday party' last year. We had to give out invites and it was like a scavenger hunt. Although it didn't really go as planned, it was still super fun.

Sarah: I really like Ally's birthday party! I don't remember staying up till 2 (I have bad memory) but I do remember it being super fun! (Ally, you better appreciate it)

Ally: I'd say that Beth is quirkier than most people and as for Sarah, she can be really sarcastic at times.

Beth: I would say Ally is a perfectionist and Sarah is super bubbly.

Sarah: Ally- Smart. Beth- Funny.

Ally: We never really discuss this but from what I remember, Beth has said that she wanted to become a fashion designer. As for Sarah.....let's just say she's taking one step at a time.

Beth: Ally's dream job is to be an architect whereas Sarah has no idea what she wants to be...yet.

Sarah: Ally wants to be an architect and Beth wants to be an interior designer. Me on the other hand have no future. Lol jk jk I don't really know what I want to be yet.

Ally: I'll say that Beth has really bad hearing. She makes us (Ally & Sarah & other friends) repeat over and over whatever we said. The worst part is that she mishears things a lot! Sarah doesn't really do anything that particularly annoys me but I guess she gets frustrated really easily.

Beth: Something that annoys me about the both of them - well it isn't really annoy but it's more like a 'Come onnnn'. And that will be Ally's poor memory (not academic wise) and Sarah's tendency to get frustrated pretty easily.

Sarah: Beth mishears everything! And it can get annoying cause I have to repeat myself and the worst part is that whatever she mishears is dirty. Like I could be saying ice cream and she would hear something dirty. Ally has really bad memory. We spent like 6 years in school together but she doesn't remember me T.T

Ally: SOUTH KOREA!!! All the way~ But considering Beth's feelings...maybe somewhere else.

Beth: SOUTH Korea. It's not exactly my first pick. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Korea. I think it's a pretty awesome country. But I think Ally and Sarah would kill to go there so...yeah...I'll tag along.

Sarah: South Korea. No more words needed.

Ally: Barbie dolls, skinny jeans and a guy named Tom*.

Beth: Barbie dolls, skinny jeans and Tom* . They come in a pretty interesting package.

Sarah: Barbie dolls, Tom* and skinny jeans...

Ally: Beth...I guess. Don't know why but she seems like she would.

Beth: Me.

Sarah: I'm not very sure but I think Beth. I think Ally would take a long time too cause her facial routine is like 45 minutes long...

Ally: Beth likes Summer while Sarah likes Autumn...

Beth: Ally loves Winter and Sarah loves Fall (Autumn)

Sarah: Ally- Winter. Beth- Summer

Ally: This is kinda a guess but Beth's favourite song is Dangerous Woman(?) I'm guessing just cause she mentioned that it was new and it was by Ariana Grande. Sarah and I are alike...Hide & Seek by Astro!!!

Beth: Some song from ASTRO (Korean boy-group). I feel so horrible cause they were telling me about it earlier. HAHA. I'm such a horrible friend....

Sarah: Ally's favourite song is Hide and Seek by Astro <3. And Beth's fav is Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande? I have no idea cause I don't listen to English music much anymore but Beth told me this song was new so...

Ally: Beth would probably go for heels but I think Sarah would feel more comfortable in flats.

Beth: Ally - Heels and Sarah - Flats.

Sarah: Ally and Beth would be heels

Ally: If they were to be put on the spot, I think Beth would go for a dress while Sarah would just go with pants.

Beth: Both of them would probably take pants.

Sarah: I think they'd both pick dresses.

Ally: Beth - dog(?) Sarah - Hamster(?) I thought Sarah might like hamsters cause she used to babysit one.

Beth: Ally loves her fighting fish a lot so I'll go with that and I think Sarah might like a quokka.

Sarah: Ally wanted a hamster a lot. And Beth.... I don't know so I'm just gonna go with the mainstream dog.

Ally: I'm guessing Beth would probably go for comedy. I know for a fact that Sarah would choose mystery/crime related dramas or shows (She mentioned it a couple of times)

Beth: I think Ally likes romance dramas and Sarah has said like weeks and weeks and weeks ago that she likes movies or shows that are like mystery-related.

Sarah: Ally likes romance... Anything with romance and she'll like it. Beth would like comedy?

Ally: Our necklaces...

Beth: Yes we do. We have 2 necklaces that are matching :) .

Sarah: Necklaces, Girl Online, TFIOS, school books and PE clothes
P.S: Sarah might have just stated the most accurate answer amongst us three.  

Ally: Beth has the ultimate crush on Peyton Meyer. As of now, I'm just gonna say that Sarah likes Moonbin from Astro...(they just debuted so why not?)

Beth: Ally has said this before. Uhmmmm, his name is...uhhhh. I think See Jong Ki (?) and I'm gonna go with the fact Sarah likes Chanyeol (EXO)

Sarah: Beth: Peyton Meyer. Ally SONG JOONG KI!
P.S: Ally's celebrity crush's name is.... Song Joong Ki.....O_O 

Ally: Beth definitely likes pink. Sarah's fav would probably be purple/lilac.

Beth: Ally likes turquoise and Sarah likes purple. (Does this blog's theme give you a hint?)

Sarah: Ally likes turquoise and Beth likes pink!

Ally: From what I remember...Sarah has mentioned that she would like to take up keyboard again as well as guitar. And Beth would want to master the piano and guitar...

Beth: Based on what I've heard today, Ally would like to master her ukulele (just so her parents would get her a keyboard) and Sarah would want to master the guitar.

Sarah: Ally wants to master her ukulele and Beth would want to master the piano.

Ally: This is such an odd question but ok... In my opinion, Beth would want to read minds and Sarah would want the power of fire? I'm saying this because Sarah's fav member in EXO is Chanyeol and his superpower is fire. So my answer is based of logical thinking...

Beth: I think Ally would like to be invisible and Sarah might want to fly. I don't know. That's the first thing that comes to my mind.

Sarah: Okay I really don't know how to answer this so I'll just say anything. Ally- control ice and Beth would be to grow flowers and plants.

Ally: This must have been so long ago but Beth has mentioned that she liked Ariana Grande a lot and the first song that comes to mind is Honeymoon Avenue (I don't know why) As for Sarah, I'd have to say anything from Monsta X. She's been talking about them a lot.

Beth: A song that reminds me of Ally and Sarah? Well....hahaha I can answer this!!! For Ally, it will be 'Welcome Back' or 'iKON is Coming To Town' (It's the same song) by iKON *Captain Obvious* and as for Sarah, it would probably be Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb' because Sarah keeps talking about it.

Yes. It's both from the K-Pop world.

Sarah: Ally would probably be Up10tion songs cause she really liked Up10tion last time. Beth would be Fifth Harmony's Me and My Girls cause she liked that song a lot too.

Ally: It's not that I'm ignorant but I just have very bad memory. From what I remember...Beth was really quiet and so I thought she was the tiniest bit arrogant. No offence. As for Sarah.....I guess she was friendly and smiled a lot.

Beth: At first glance, I think I assumed Ally was like super princess-y. And I thought Sarah was really friendly. Don't ask me why. I really don't know.

Sarah: Hahaha well ermm Ally don't kill me please. When I was like 12 I thought Ally would be one of those like popular people that I shouldn't talk to... Or if I were to talk to her, she wouldn't answer me. But I was so wrong!!! Hahahaha. But I do remember making a pun out of Ally's name and telling it to her. She wasn't very amused. I didn't talk to her much after that. Beth looked like the 'girl next door' kind of friendly person.

--- Tag Over ---

Aaaand that's all for now! Hope you guys enjoyed this little special post! We'll catch up with you next on the 16th of March (Tomorrow) for a 'K-Pop Reaction' post and then next week, scheduling as per newly said!!!
Byes everyone!

xoxo, ;)
P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Tom' is, feel free to browse through the tabs above with the label 'Appearances' to learn more :)