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Sarah here! We are back with another K-Pop reaction post! Today we're going to react to EXO's Dancing King ft. Yoo Jae Suk. It's been a while since we reacted to EXO... tbh we did react to Monster and Lucky One but we ended up procrastinating and not typing it. But we'll do it and I'll try to get it up sooner or later. Anyways, back to the post, I hope you enjoy our reaction and support EXO! Yay!

P.S: If you've read our 'Setback-ed by Sarah' post, then yes. This was the post Sarah was typing while Ally and Beth were working on 'Setback-ed by Sarah'. BTW Beth here doing my 'job' as labelled by Sarah LOL. #teamwork
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
(We reacted to the MV on SM's page but we can't seem to find it so this is their performance stage. We'll leave a link to the MV here: BETH DO YOUR JOB) LOL
Or here......
Sarah, I want a raise in my monthly wage now. - Beth
(This is a joke. We don't earn money nor do we get paid)

------Reaction Starts Now------
Beth: Hello people! 
Ally: They're in Thailand if I'm not mistaken.
Sarah: No, I think it's Vietnam?
Ally: Baekhyun!
Beth: Oh I was gonna guess.
Ally: Surprisingly he can dance and sing *talking about Yoo Jae Suk*
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: *jokingly* How long did he train? Like 10000 years?
Sarah: No.
Ally: For like a few months...
Beth: I mean look at him.
Sarah: He's really talented.
Ally: Yeah you can barely tell him apart.
Sarah: Yeah on stage right?
Beth: You can tell that he's old.
Ally: Of course he is.
Sarah: Yeah he's like...
Beth: 50?
Sarah: No, not 50 yet. 40 something? Close to 50. I think. (He's 44)
Ally: This was when they were practicing right?
Sarah: No this was the one where he was like go home, go home...
Ally: Yeah.
Beth: He looks like the Mr. Bean of Korea.
Sarah: Well....
Ally: It's Thai!
Sarah: Sorry.
Beth: Oh that's Lay. Oh wait not anymore.
Sarah: But I don't remember it being Thai.
An easy game of spot the Chanyeol: He's wearing a black sweater with pink words on the right.
Sarah: I'm telling you the only thing Chanyeol wears nowadays is that hat and the Adidas shirt.
Beth: Just do it like Adidas. (Sarah's joke [refer: Explanation])
Sarah: No it's Nike. (Sarah getting confused with her own joke)
Beth: Hahahahaha.
Sarah: *realizes* Dang it.
Beth: What do you want to say? *laughing*
Sarah: *sighs*

Explanation: Whenever someone says Just Do It, Sarah would go in and confuse the person by saying 'Like Adidas' although it's clearly Nike's catchphrase.


Sarah: This thing is for Infinity Challenge.
Ally: Who's this?
Beth: Lay, Yi Xing.
Ally: *proud* Yeah! Do you know he fainted?
Beth: Why? Because he saw Yoo Jae Suk?
Sarah: He saw what?
Beth: Yoo Jae Suk.
Ally: No! He fainted at the airport.
Beth: Okay.
Sarah: So unrelated...
Ally: So out of topic but it was important.
Ally: I like the dance break.
Beth: Are we gonna call Lay 'Yi Xing' or 'Lay'. *having the intention to confuse everyone*
Ally: Yi Xing?
Beth: Lay, right?
Sarah: Anything! Doesn't matter.
Beth: Lay.
Sarah: Hahahaha.
Beth: He looks so blur.
Sarah: He always is.
Ally: But that's his charm.
Sarah: Look! Can you listen to his voice *Yoo Jae Suk's voice*
Beth: I hear the music.
Beth: Oh that suits him so well.
Ally: But he's a comedian.
Sarah: Yeah he's a comedian.
Beth: Yeah he's the Mr. Bean of Korea.
Sarah: Okay fine he's the nation's best MC or something like that.
Sarah: And the fact he can do this.
Beth: Without breaking his bones, yeah.
Beth: He probably didn't get plastic surgery, did he?
Ally: Of course not.
Sarah: Probably not.
Ally: If you're going to say one of EXO's members got plastic surgery....
Beth: Did they? *on purpose*
Ally: No they did NOT!
Sarah: Don't know...
Beth: Is this Korean version of the ABBA's Dancing Queen?
Ally: Ohh.
Beth: Don't know got seventeen, young *talking about the lyrics to Dancing Queen*
Ally: Oh I love this part.
Sarah: Yay! Chanyeol's part!
Beth: Did they just dab?
Ally & Sarah: Yeah.
Ally: I don't know why everyone likes to dab.
Beth: Technically when you sneeze you can dab like *dabs* ACHOO. (If you know who's done that before then we're on the same boat.)
Ally & Sarah: Hahaha.
Ally: I don't get it. I mean like it's cool and all if you know how to dance but for those people who don't know how to dance...
Beth: No I find dabbing more of a comedic thing.
Beth: You know when you want to ACHOO.
Beth: Hahaha moment of silence.
Beth: Sounds like some one is farting.
Sarah: To be honest the song is quite nice.
Sarah: And I think Yoo Jae Suk did a really good job.
Ally: Yeah I think he's...
Beth: For an old man, yeah.
Ally: For an older person, yeah.
Sarah: And the dance is not easy.
Ally: Yeah!
Ally: I think it's funny!
Beth: Good job, Jae Suk.

------Video Ends------

  • Beth thinks Yoo Jae Suk is the Mr. Bean of Korea
  • Ally & Sarah thinks Yoo Jae Suk did a good job
  • Ally doesn't get why people like to dab
  • Ally thought it was important to state that Lay fainted at the airport
  • Beth thinks dabbing can be done when you sneeze
  • This video was filmed in Thailand (Sarah was wrong)

You have come to the end of another K-pop Reaction post! Thank you for reading our post! Hahaha. I hope you aren't offended by us calling Yoo Jae Suk old... we don't really mean it in an offensive way. More of a comedic way? I think overall Yoo Jae Suk did a fantastic job and he worked really hard to show a good stage. I feel that Infinity Challenge is really cool for getting EXO to collaborate with them. Hahaha. This so far is my favourite SM station song. - Sarah

Ally - Editing the whole post, reacting and explaining.
Beth - Adding pictures, editing the whole post and reacting.
Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words, editing the post, reacting and explaining


  1. I liked thissong and I love Yoo Jae Suk! I used to watch Running Man religiously until they got, like, boring... a couple months ago. I guess the producer changed or something. I kinda wanna try getting back into it though.


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