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Hi! Ally…again. Hope you don’t mind it though J Today, it’s gonna be yet another review post! I really hope my previous review was able to help the tiniest bit… As for today, I’ll be reviewing a product as mentioned in the title of this post. It’s the Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack. I really think names should be shorter so it’s easier for me to type and easier for you to read >_<

As some of you may know, I’m like a hard-core fan of Nature Republic and I’d totally spend my entire life’s savings there but obviously I’m not gonna do that. (If I could…I would) To be honest, I got this product because I was actually looking for a clay mask but I couldn’t find one I liked so I kinda settled for the next best thing. I wasn’t really expecting much but since I got it then why not try it.

Disclaimer: I would just like to say that the reviews are 100% based on my personal opinion. I may not particularly enjoy a certain product but it may very well be just me. So it’s up to you at the end of the day.

Personally, I really appreciate the packaging because it comes in a squeeze bottle rather than a tub. The mask squeezes out fairly easily although there are times when it does get stuck. But a little extra pressure and you’re good! It’s way more hygienic because you don’t have to dip your entire hand in every time you feel like applying the mask.

As for the scent…..there isn’t any scent. Which is good if you’re really sensitive to smell. The mud pack does contain a few different fruit extracts but I don’t particularly think there’s a strong smell to it. I’d be happy to list out the types of fruit extracts but they’re all really scientific names and I don’t understand a word besides ‘cranberry’ and ‘blueberry.’ J

The mask itself isn’t to say completely black from the charcoal but it’s more of an ashy colour. It contains bentonite, which really helps to draw out all the excess oils and dirt in the skin. I’ve tried it out as well as Beth and we’ve both seen the miraculous thing it has done… Not to say that it completely got rid of all our blackheads but as it was drying, it really defined all the pores we didn’t know we had. It was gross and at the same time, fascinating in a way~ (As odd as it sounds)

If you’d like to see Beth’s actual reaction after using this mud pack…go read her January Favorites.

The consistency of the mask itself is something you’d expect so there isn’t much to say. It just looks and feels like any other mask pack there is out there. The fun part is when the mask dries. I’m not sure how to explain it but when it dries…it really duplicates the surface of your skin. Including all the nooks and crannies. Sounds really weird but it’s true! It makes life way easier if you use a spatula instead of a brush or your fingers to spread out the mask.

WARNING! Give a heads up to anyone who might come in contact with you in the 10-20 minutes while the mask is on. Just in case...

The mask dries fairly quickly and turns a little chalky…. For me, I usually leave it on longer than the time stated just cause it doesn’t really dry by then. So, I just leave it till it has completely dried and then wash it off. My skin does feel cleaner but I wouldn’t say a miracle happened or anything… Overall, I think it’s pretty good considering the price point was affordable.

If you’re looking to get a mud pack~ I totally recommend getting this product! I’ll get Beth to back me up on this

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