We're Back! (+100th POST!) | Forty-Two³

Hey everyone! Forty-Two³ here! We just wanted to post a quick short little tiny post to celebrate our one hundredth post! It's seriously crazy to think that we've pressed the publish button a hundred times already! It also means that we're done with our exams! CELEBRATION! *cues fireworks*.  🎊 🎉 
We really missed our blog and our life felt odd without it.

Honestly, it feels a little awkward doing this too, after so long cause we're not used to the whole weekly posting schedule after 9 whole weeks but we're glad to be back! To make up for our absence, here's 5 random facts about each of us...(not that we're self-absorbed but we just thought it'd be fun)
  • I like all berries except strawberries.
  • I have a habit of biting my fingernails but I'm working on it.
  • I have a weird obsession with cacti.
  • I used to be athletic. I'm just like a sack of potatoes now.
  • I only ever eat chocolate flavoured ice cream.
  • I love most fruits but strawberries are my favourite.
  • I was almost named Jessica/Josephine.
  • Bows and bracelets are my favourite accessories.
  • I don't drink coffee.
  • Depending on the situation, I do not like open doors.
  • I'm allergic to capsicum.
  • I can read music notes.
  • I lack artistic skills.
  • I have never pierced my ears.
  • 70% of my clothes are black and white.

So that is basically it for our little compressed post!
Although this post isn't as interesting, we are working hard to make it better and pick up where we left off before we went on our mini-break. Now, we're at a stage where we're trying to polish ourselves in this little blogging world cause we're rusty. We hope you enjoyed the post today and you can look forward to more posts from this day forth.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the typical-K-Pop-reaction!
 Much love,
P.S: Beth here. I did say we'd be yelling 'FREEDOM' but it seems like we haven't acknowledged it yet so....now I shall; on behalf of all three of us.....
"Freedom," yells all three of us :).
...technically, until the next exam but let's not talk about it


  1. Woohoo!!!! Ya'll are back! :D
    And your blog is all new and cute too! ^_^
    Omg, I love strawberries! And chocolate is my fav flavor of ice cream, but I also like mint chip. And I too, have never pierced my ears, and don't really plan on it XD

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment :D!!! It's so cool that you stuck by us even when we were away! :)
      - Forty-Two³


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