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Hello internet friends! Today, I feel a little spontaneous by ditching my pre-written post I intended for today and swapping it with another one that is written the night before. I'm confusing myself as I'm kinda in the past. HELLO FUTURE! I'm writing this in perspective that it's Wednesday when it's actually Tuesday night/evening as I type this.
Anyways, I thought it'd be fun to write my After-School Routine that is pretty accurate cause it's based on events that occurred more or less than 24 hours from my posting time.
If you haven't already, I've done sort-of similar posts to this which are the;
- posts. So I hope you enjoy my After-School Routine as for now 😊!
--- Events of 22 November 2016 ---

So by the time I get home, it's already around 2 p.m. and I actually got lucky today as usually, I'd only be able to leave school at 5 p.m. So after a late-night session of completing some assignments and reports, it felt great to be having  a slightly more relaxed vibe around. To top it off, it wasn't the most stress-free day in school either so coming home was definitely something.
The first thing I did as soon as I stepped into my house was to REMOVE anything that I found uncomfortable after a long day such as my watch, hair tie, shoes and went straight to the bathroom to take a much needed shower. Of course, when I shower, I wash my face too cause the environment outside can be a little harsh on the skin as there's dust almost everywhere so it's nice to clean the face as well. I then follow up with my skincare routine and get into comfortable PJ's.
I guess you can say I was pretty lazy today as all I did was go on this blog and check around and also listen to the soundtrack of The Sound Of Music (a.k.a my favourite movie from the 20th century. It's the BEST OMG). It was a pretty relaxing afternoon, as I said. I had almost nothing to do and actually went on a mini Pretty Little Liars marathon as I'm currently waiting for season 7b.
Season 1 memories :)
To be honest, I have no idea how the afternoon flew by but it just did. Then I had tea which you might think consists of biscuits, cakes and tea but no. It was just me snacking on watermelon.
......jealous, Sarah?
After that, I sat down to play some piano which ate over an hour of my time - and I'm not complaining. P.S: Sarah lent me her music book for keyboard which is like SO MUCH MORE EASIER than actual classical piano songs. And the best part is that they had those classic Disney music and....*drumroll* SOUND OF MUSIC *celebrates*.
Then I had my dinner which is nothing very interesting cause all I do is eat......
By the time the clock strikes 9, I take another shower because even though I'm at home, I like to be fresh (if that makes sense) when I go to bed. I don't wash my hair this time though cause I already did when I came home. I then follow up with washing my face (again) and brushing my teeth.
Next up: Skincare Routine!
After that is pretty simple, I just chill in my room preferably on the bed with my laptop on and write drafts of posts I plan to publish in the future :) Sometimes, I edit pictures for group posts - but tonight, I'm just working on this very post! (And posting Sarah's Friendship Test).
When the clock hits 11 p.m., I put my laptop away and yes, I actually do a little night reading before bed *sadly admits although it's actually a good thing and Miss Old-Egocentric will be proud of me*. Another not actually sad fact - I still reread my Enid Blyton books although I'm pretty sure it's for kids. I don't know - I enjoy the plot of the story but the phrasings and dialogues are pretty childish, in my opinion. I still read it for the storyline! 😁😁😁
Also - another weird thing I try to do on most nights is to write down what I'm grateful for. Not the obvious things like, 'Oh I'm grateful for oxygen' but like something that occurred today that changed my life for the better or something that happened that prevented a possible disaster.
It was not the most eventful day so I'm just glad to be in one piece :D
Also - I hope you guys don't mind me referring to you as 'Internet Buds'/Internet buddies....and yes, I do look at you guys reading this as friends (If you don't mind).
I then switch the lights off and apply my lotion and call it a night!
--- Good night ---
So that is it for my little night time routine! I'm not sure if it's considered a typical or even boring night routine but that's what I do and I can't change that fact.
It's sad that I'm such a boring person, I know.

But I hope you guys enjoyed it nevertheless! Take care and I'll write again soon!
P.P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Miss Old-Egocentric' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab to learn more!


  1. I LOVE Sound of Music!!!! :D <3 Like omg, sooooooo much!!! :D
    And thats such a great idea to write down what you're thankful of ^_^
    I sorta try to do that. I start off with The Lord's Prayer and really emphasis the "thy will be done" part and then pray for my friends and family and people I don't know and such and I try to remember to mention things I'm thankful for too XD


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