May Favorites: Music Edition | Bethany

Hello hello internet friends! As my usual 'Monthly Favorites' progressed, I figured it'd probably be a little boring to just keep talking about products and food so I thought; why not do a 'Music Edition'!
(Also, I kinda just came back from a literal camp [Not the kind of camps where shelter is provided so we actually built our own shelter and stuff] so I'm really tired and I got unwanted tanning, a few cuts and bruises and my sleep schedule is messed up and just to cut it short, what I'm trying to say is: I had no time to get pictures).
P.S: I'm planning to hibernate for the entire school break :D
P.P.S: Smores are amazing. (Yes, I've just tried it for the first time AND.I.LOVE.IT!!!)
So to get back to the main point of this post, I'm gonna be sharing with you 5+1 songs that I've been loving for the entire month of MAY! (BTW, yes I said 5+1 cause I don't wanna say'll have to keep reading to see why)
#1: Touch it - Ariana Grande
This is one of the songs off the Dangerous Woman album. To be real honest, I really loved all the songs on the album....but if I were to pick a favourite this would definitely be it. It's so sweet and dreamy. For some reason, this song gives me a nostalgic feeling too? It's like the tune and melody just gives off a sentimental vibe. I don't personally relate to this song but it is such a beautiful song and I love it.
#2: Boombox - Laura Marano
Ahhhhh this song. Oh my gosh. I literally get ready to this song! This song gets me pumped up like seriously. I dance to this song and the dance moves in the music video were SO cool. It's super catchy and jumpy and fun and everything awesome about life and wheeeeeeee. I really don't know but wheeeeee seems to be the only way I can describe this song. I promise this is a melody you can groove to. <3
Here's the link to the video: Boombox - Laura Marano
#3: Running Out - Matoma featuring Astrid S
Can we just have a moment of silence for this song. Like the beat to this is just so calming yet jumpy at the SAME TIME. It seems like the perfect song for pointless midnight car journeys when you're all alone.... And personally, I think this song is dedicated to those who just went through a tough time with their loved one..... but it's an awesome song regardless of what the point is.
Here's the song if you wanna listen to it: Running Out - Matoma ft. Astrid S
#4: The Life - Fifth Harmony
This song is super motivational and amazing and Fifth Harmony is amazing to begin with. Ever since X-Factor I've been a fan of them and they just keep getting better and better like there's just no limit. Because of examinations, which you guys probably know we had a few weeks ago, this song was and still is my anthem throughout the whole May and is probably the reason I'm still sane. Double thumbs up from me!!
(BTW, is anyone else reminded of the Hannah Montana song 'This Is The Life' from the title? Regardless, these songs are works of art. Great job, Fifth Harmony and Miley and the writers of the songs...).
#5: Afterlife - Greyson Chance
Okay so I was obsessed with this song back when the video was uploaded on Greyson's YouTube channel but when his EP dropped, I instantly got re-obsessed with this song. It's one of the sweetest songs I've heard and at some point I feel so bad for him. It's just so sweet and cute like he loves that girl. Awwwwww. The lyrics are amazing and the melody was just....I cannot this song is perfection.
You can listen for yourself here: Afterlife - Greyson Chance

BONUS THROWBACK: Say Ok - Vanessa Hudgens
Yup, I've been obsessed with this song all over again. I used to jam to it way back in the 2007 era when Hannah Montana had ongoing episodes and High School Musical was a huge deal and The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody was still running....basically, to most of the kids of this generation; this song was released in the time period of when dinosaurs existed in your eyes.
Taken from Vanessa Hudgens' 'Say Ok' music video
It's such an innocent song about a girl just wanting a guy to tell her everything's gonna be okay and everything will be alright even when they're in a horrible situation. Just a cute, innocent, sweet song.

It won my heart 9 years ago and it still does 9 years later. (OMG it's been 9 years). Technically I was still a kid when this song released but I loved it though I probably didn't know what she was talking about....
If you were born and grew up in this era, you're most likely gonna feel nostalgic and sentimental just listening to this song. [As for the music video....I was and still am a huge shipper....but whatever. Their happiness is the priority.... :)]
Wow I have a lot to say for this. Ahhhhh memories <3

That's all there is right now! And I know different people have different taste in music and these are just my opinion....For some of the songs, there isn't an official music video up on YouTube so you could listen to them via Spotify or buy the album or download it or whatever you wanna do!

But regardless, I really hope you enjoyed this post and I'll write again real sooooooooon! <3
P.P.P.S: If you feel like a good soul, please pray for my aching body. (just kidding you don't have to)