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First post of 2016. Nope, we're not nervous. (Sarcasm layered on like our skincare routines. #lamebeth). *no pressure* *no pressure*.

Hey guys! Gosh we are super duper late on this...but Happy New Year 2016!!! Wooohooo. It's a new year. Technically, it's just another day but still!

So today, we are gonna be doing the New Year's Tag...because it's New Years and we thought it'd be fun!

We hope everyone had an amazing new years and if it sucked...THERE'S ALWAYS A NEXT YEAR! So don't sweat it.

We know we're writing like so much and we wanna get to the point so...without further ado, let's begin the New Year's Tag!
Let's get started :)
HAHA. Boom is like the fireworks on New Year's Eve.
Although I feel like it's more of a BAAAAAAAH.
Actually, no. Nevermind.

Ally: I really wish there was one but I can barely remember what I had for I'm not sure. The only thing that comes to mind is when a group of friends and I won 2nd in a competition. Although, I don't exactly remember how it felt but that's the only thing that popped into my head.

Beth: After finals, when all my friends and I were together just having fun, laughing around and goofing about.

Sarah: I don't think anything that special happened to me but I guess getting really good grades and getting an award for the first time  is really great cause I'm not that smart XD. Oh and the time when all of us (Ally, Beth and I) found out we were in the same classes
Ally: Urmmm I'm actually not the type to actually set goals or resolutions because on that day itself, I would've forgotten about it so I don't find a need to set one. But I did set one this year so let's hope I actually remember it by the end of 2016.

Beth: My resolutions was sleeping early. And yes, I accomplished it! Sounds unbelievable but it was accomplished on THE FIRST WEEK. Then homework started piling up so....BYE SLEEP. But hey, something is better than nothing :) (it's my motto :P)

Sarah: this question asking what new years resolution I completed last year or this year? If it's last year then no, I got none and if it's this year the answer is also no cause it's only the first week of the year

Ally: Rollercoaster...Fun (hopefully)...Freedom. As I said, I don't really remember anything in particular because I think my brain is formatted to forget the past after a year
Beth: Giggly, Sarcastic, Deep.
 Sarah: Dramatic, New, Amazing 
Ally: Oh ho ho ho! My kind of question! (I don't really know why I just said oh ho ho ho. It's not Christmas anymore Ally...get it in your head!)

It's really hard to choose just cause my list keeps on getting longer and longer and just never ends but if I really had to choose one then it would have to be.....urmm "Just Right" by Got7, "Run" and "Butterfly" by BTS and not to mention Jungkook's (BTS) cover of "Lost Stars". I could literally melt and become Olaf by the fireplace.

(It is Kpop but don't hate just cause you don't understand a word and neither do I.)

Beth: Photograph by Ed Sheeran. If you wanna hear perfection....Yes. Go listen to that. (It's not even an issue that it was released the year before)

Sarah:.... I CANNOT pick one. Run (BTS/Bangtan Boys) , Just Right (Got7) and Turn It Up (Planetshakers) 
Ally: Holidays!!! Come on...who doesn't look forward to holiday season. Okay, maybe holidays can be a long wait so just WEEKENDS!

Beth: Building stronger friendships, and yes. Like Ally said; I'm looking forward to taking a break after every 5 days. (No kidding, we're already back in school and our stack homework is probably higher than Mount Everest) [exaggeration to the max)
Sarah: Camp. Lol, everyone in my church just waits 'till camp and after camp is over wait another year for camp. Oh and to talk to more people/be more social. 

Ally: All playfulness aside, I think the biggest lesson I got out of last year was to be more thankful and grateful for everything that I have. By watching dramas like 24/7, it has taught me to reflect on myself in a different view and I realized that sometimes things happen for a certain reason. Don't question it too much.
Beth: Last year taught me to appreciate the moment. You'll only be a kid once (Fine maybe 12 years). You'd be a teenager for (maybe) 7 years (max). Even if you cried your eyeballs out when you're older and experiencing adult difficulties..., you'll never be a kid again.
Sarah: Wow Ally and Beth are deep. I think I learnt that not everyone is perfect and even that person you look up to and think is perfect has their own set of flaws and problems. So last year taught me to be less afraid of certain things. 
Ally: Two-words! CROP TOPS! Although this year, I think my style is gonna change because I've a new found obsession with stripes!
Beth: Jeans of all kinds.
Sarah: My turquoise jacket. It's like my fashion MUST. Not because it's fashionable but because I like it. Oh and my  music note necklace because...:
1. My sis gave it to me
2. It looks like the one in EXO Next Door. (yeah I see you judging me buttt it's okay)

Ally: Hope.
Beth: Memorable :)
Sarah: Change.
Ally: I guess more experiences and maybe for myself to crawl out of my shell and really be more sociable with people in general.
Beth: I'm hoping for more craziness with the 'squad', deep talks, laughter and FOOOOOD. Mainly to get my hearing back on track because I hear the weirdest things when people talk to me from a distance. You don't even want an example...
Sarah: I hope to also be more social. And to also have fun! Oh oh and to travel more. 
Ally: Homework, tests. school, stress. Anything related to school that can bring me down.
Beth: Examinations, worry, bad grades, pressure. School and studies aside, I am hoping for less rude/inconsiderate/mean people. Not to discriminate....And NOT that I want them to fall of the face of Earth. Just a change of attitude maybe?
Sarah: My list can go on and on and on. Exams, mean people, homework, essays, bad WiFi connection, stress,math, bad grades, exams did I say exams already? Studying and problems. 
Ally: I don't think I read a book though. Does movies count? I'm just gonna go with Girl Online by Zoella.
Beth: DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. I know. I'm so late on reading the book! I actually watched the movie first. But when I got the book, I was like reading it for 5 hours straight and had to unwillingly put it down to eat/pee but finished it within the time period. I was like hooked on the book. Great read.
Sarah: MAZE runner. But not the movie. The movie just disappoints me. Oh Girl Online as well. Tigers quest, The land of stories. And I know it says the best but if you see the amount of books I read it's impossible to just choose one 
Ally: My New Year's Resolution for this upcoming year is to be more understanding, patient, grateful and thankful. It may seem cliche but I really do hope I'll keep to this.
Beth: This year, I set a goal to be a better person (not that I'm a bad person), more appreciative, and tolerant, and hardworking (a.k.a stop the procrastination).
Sarah: Be friendlier, get good grades, get more stamina cause I mean I can sprint 100m then just die. So yeah be more athletic cause I am just so bad at sports. Be more organised. 

That is it for our NEW YEAR'S TAG!
We hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe learn a thing or two about us...also known as the three weird people that is contributing to the word count that is currently showing up on your fantabulous screen.
Sending warm regards,