Another January Favourites? | Sarah

Can you believe January is over? The FIRST month of 2016 is done! Time flies when you're having fun.... (this time I wasn't having fun cause of school *inserts annoyed smirking face*
Anyways I thought I'd show you some of my January Favourites! WEEEE!!! BUT WAIT didn't Beth already do this? Hahaha Beth and I are different people so I thought I'd show you all what I liked!
So lettuce goo

By the way, I'm so sorry as this post is like long overdue!!!!

1. 2016 Planner!

I got this planner from Typo. Which you can probably find in Cotton On as well. I think its's reallly realllly cute and pretty. Slightly pricey but it's cute so who cares! (my wallet cared T.T) Mine has kind of like water coloured polka dots? I really like the pastel colours. Cause anything pastel is <3. And the designs are different for each month making each month have a different feel to it. Oh and I really love the quote in front "Today is the Day' cause it gives me a sense of confidence like I can do ANYTHING today! So it's nice to see it when I start the day :)

             Pretty right? The blue and the hearts <3
                Btw I chose August cause I liked the design! 

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

I really really like puzzles so when I found a SUPER cheap 300 piece puzzle I was really happy. ( I have like 5 now) Oh and life hack: After you're done with the puzzle, just use some PVA glue and coat your puzzle with it. Now you can move it anywhere you want! This is really time consuming though. But it let's me take a little time off the internet which is good?

3. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Smoothing Gel
If I'm not mistaken Ally and Beth both wrote about this before. So I thought why not complete the circle and write about it too? I think this is one of the only products from Nature Republic that all three of us have (which means it's good) And it's actually been there for a really really long time. I think since it first opened in 2009 (I might be wrong about this) But I remember my sister buying it when she was still in school so before 2011? Yeah anyway you can use this product in SO many ways! From moisturizing your skin to using it as a serum for your hair. You can literally use it from head to toe. Plus it helps for sunburns!

4. Keratase K Ultime

This is really really good. It makes your hair SO smooth and healthy after you use it. I wouldn't say my hair is as healthy as those hair models but this product really helps. Oh and no I didn't misspell anything. Keratase is a French brand. Slightly pricey though. But it's nice to pamper your hair once in a while. I usually only use it for important events when I want my hair to look nice. :) 

5. Computer glasses
My eyesight has been getting worse day by day (cries) I really miss my perfect vision :( So I think the reason why its getting worst is because I spend too much time on my laptop. Yeah I admit it! But one of the reason why laptops damage your eyes is because they give out blue light. So I got these glasses that kinda filters out the blue light. And it really works. If I wear the glasses and take it off and look at my computer, the screen is like tinted with a weird purple-blue colour. And it hurts slightly if I use my laptop without the glasses. In fact I'm wearing them now. So if you're a gamer or just addicted to the internet then I suggest you get this.
Erm that's the end!
Sarah XD