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Hello everyone online! It's me Beth, editing this a day before it is due! This is a reaction by us from 4 months ago. I hope you guys enjoy and I know, last week we kinda did 'cheat' in a way, we didn't have an individual post and instead 'used' our One-Year Anniversary as an excuse. We just want to apologize for not putting up an individual post but there was a reason behind it.
We were doing a huge assignment that could determine our grade for the rest of the entire school year (a.k.a 'til next year...) and we were all pretty much stressing about it. We were given less than two weeks to complete it so it was kind of stressful. Don't worry though. Hopefully, we will be able to make it up to you soon. (Stay tuned for our upcoming posts!)
For now, we'll be bringing you....Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb' music video reaction!

Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
As how it always is or was, here's the music video if you're planning on jamming out.

------Reaction Starts Now------
Ally: It's very quirky. Just saying.
Beth: That's how you described me. (Reference: BFF Tag)
Sarah: It's gonna be very weird.
Beth: Later they're gonna be like *hums the beginning awkwardly*
Beth:  Did it just say? Oh wait it didn't.
Ally: Never mind.
Ally: Are they pretty?
Beth: You've already shown me, though.
Ally: Still, are they pretty?
Sarah: I don't understand why people don't think Wendy is pretty.
Beth: This one?
Sarah: That's Yeri.
Beth: Oh is it?
Ally & Sarah: Yes!
Beth: That's the one that I said was pretty right?
Ally & Sarah: Yeah...
Beth: Well that's sad.
Ally: Wow you remember!
Beth: I memorized it by heart.
Ally: You recalled what I said.
Beth: Okay. Later; in their close-ups, I think I can tell you who's the prettiest. Probably. Maybe.
Beth: Oh not this one.
Ally: Not this one? She's the prettiest one. According to most people.
Sarah: Who?
Ally: Irene.
Beth: Oh they say that.....
Sarah: She's pretty right?
Ally: Okay this song is about a girl who likes a guy but every time he comes close.
Beth: They become dumb (?)
Ally: The lyrics are like a mannequin.
Beth: The lyrics are a mannequin???
Sarah: Or a robot.
Ally: Yeah like my little brother's toy robot.
Beth: Okay.
Ally: Like literally...
Beth: Something something.
Beth: You know what I don't like about these kind of music videos? *didn't complete a sentence*
Left: Wendy, Right: Yeri
Sarah: Is this one pretty? *points to Yeri; girl on the right*
Beth: That one's pretty.
Ally & Sarah: That one is Yeri.
Sarah: I thought Wendy looked pretty there.
Ally: Don't ask me why they are doing this.
Beth: Oh yeah as I was saying...I'm not going to be the person who doesn't complete my sentences.... again.
Ally: What?
Beth: I don't like it when music videos move so fast.... *gets distracted* what? Michael Jackson? Billie Jean?
Sarah: *laughing* You didn't complete your sentence again.
Beth: Okay never mind... uh... uhh...what was I saying again? Oh yeah! I don't like it when they move so fast cause when I try to screenshot it, it's really hard.
Sarah: Oh true.
Ally: Then you're gonna hate this one.
Sarah: This is Yeri.
Beth: Omg! How did it all fit in the box?
Ally: It's fake.
Sarah: It's one leg and they cropped it.
Beth: How did they do that? Isn't it photoshop?
Ally: It's fake.
Sarah: No it's actually somebody's leg.
Ally: No I'm saying fake sparkles.
Sarah: Oh...
Sarah: I know their hair's weird *at the same time as Beth*
Beth: Their hair are weird.
Beth: Who is this?
Ally & Sarah: Yeri.
Sarah: The 1997.
Ally: The youngest.
Beth: The one that's like 16.
Sarah: Yeah.
Ally: She's not 16.
Beth: 17?
Sarah: Yeah this year she's...
Ally: She's 16.
Sarah: Yeah she's only... wait this year....
Beth: I don't know.
Sarah: Oh wait she's 17 this year.
Sarah: Last year she was 18.
Ally: Last year she was 18?
Beth: She's getting younger.
Ally: Wow her life is so nice...getting younger.
Beth: Oh wow....the alphabet is the other way around.
(While editing.....Sarah: I don't know what Beth is talking about either)

Sarah: She's born in 1999?
------Video Ends------
Bye. Appreciate my work. - says Sarah after typing the dialogue to Ally & Beth.
  • Ally thinks this music video is quirky
  • Sarah gave Beth a heads up on the weirdness of this music video
  • Beth doesn't like reacting to fast moving music videos because her job is harder when it comes to editing.
  • Beth has heard of this song before
  • Beth contradicted herself when talking about the beauty of Yeri
  • Ally, Beth and Sarah were confused as of Yeri's age
  • According to most people including Ally, Irene is the prettiest one
  • Beth and Sarah think their hair is weird in some shots

So we really hope you guys enjoyed this little post that took me FOREVER to get pictures. This music video moves SO fast and it is just so confusing. And for a person who doesn't really watch K-Pop THEY ALL LOOK ABOUT THE SAME. Like their hairstyles. I could honestly only tell Wendy apart thanks to one of our previous post.
And that was only at SOME POINT.
I salute fans of big groups or groups in general......OFF TOPIC but BYES.


  1. I love this song! But I haven't watched the video that many times XD In some of the live performances they got some weird outfits and hair too. My least fav being those... hole-y pants... like... I just don't like those *face palm* But I like the choreography.


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