June Favorites | Bethany

Back at it again with the white vans a favourites post!
Hello everyone Bethany here if you didn't know. It's definitely been a while since I've sat down just to type a post for you guys. Previously, I've talked about things that made me smile and that was like almost a month ago. I hope you guys have been well. Today, I'll be sharing with you guys my June Favourites!
Okay so if you've been following our instagram (@fortytwocube), you'll know that I have been trying out this product from Etude House and I really really love it so far.
(Not sponsored LOL. Nothing on this blog is sponsored).
This is the Etude House's AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion and if you've been following us for quite some time now, you'll know that Ally has once talked about the Pink Powder Spot thing that is said to be very useful for pimples - anyways, I wanted to get it the other day but it was out of stock so I thought this would do.
The lady said that this gel lotion was the 'moisturizer' of the range though I can't say I've been using this as moisturizer. Heh. This product does smell a little chemically which I personally don't mind but hey,  everyone has different opinions. I'd suggest testing it out in stores just to see if it suits your nose.....and your skin :)!
This product has definitely helped me maintain the condition of my skin to not let it break out as much even when I was stressing out for two whole weeks so.....props to this.
Next up: The Pure Water Baobab Cleansing Foam.
If you had to know a back story, I've tried a total of many facial cleansers in a span of less than 3 years and nothing worked. They either worked for like a few weeks and stopped after, or irritated/burned my skin; like it was horrible.
This one though, was really good though I'm still crossing fingers it'll work for me for a long time.
Don't think I'll be changing cleansers until the problem begins to spark again.
This thing foams up and you'll only need less than a pea size amount though after foaming, when you apply it on your face, the soap begins to turn into water which I think is really cool.
Also, the packaging is PINK! I just had to point it out :).
I know this book has been out for about 3 years now and yes, I've been having this sit on my shelf for the past who knows how long. It wasn't until I got my hands on this book at the start of June and literally couldn't put it down. It was such a sweet book and the relationship between Graham and Ellie are like goals for those who have dreams of dating a celebrity....though it was more of a 'lucky coincidence'. (Graham is the famous one, BTW).

Basically, they got in contact due to Graham sending the wrong email to the wrong person (which so happens to be Ellie) and their friend/relationship begins there. I don't wanna spoil the story but 400 pages did consume a lot of my time.

 My favourite app this month that is a game is 1010!(Yes, with an exclamation point)
This game is legit Tetris 2.0. No kidding. Like if you're wondering how I occupy myself during my free time, well here's your answer. Though I wouldn't be playing this for long cause I gotta focus on school too....
I downloaded this game after re-watching LaurDIY's 'What's on my phone' video recently and I've been hooked.
You don't have to wait for the shapes to fall and what nots, they have a selection of 3 different not-really-typical tetris shape-pattern thing and you just place them wherever you want.
Not your ordinary tetris....
So thank you, Lauren.
Favourite song this month has to go to Sometimes by Ariana Grande. It's such an amazing song and Ariana Grande is amazing in general.
Serious credits for the picture on the right to Ariana Grande and the photographer.....and the person who uploaded this to google images. (Yeah I'm sorry for just taking it, kay?)
To be honest, I really have no idea how to describe this song. All I can say is HEART EMOJIS.
So anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this week's post. Stay tuned for more posts and I'll definitely catch up with you guys real sooooooooooon <3.
Byes :)