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Hello everybody! Bethany here......just to clarify, I had nothing to do with this post besides the editing and the intro/outro. All the work (a.k.a audio typings & picture taking) has been done by Ally and Sarah. If you're wondering what 'editing' means when I say 'I edit', well....it means that I basically standardize all our posts so it looks about the same (such as adding the disclaimer, MV, bolding the names for the dialogue, writing the conclusions and stuff).
Just a little back info :)!
Anyways, getting side-tracked here haha....here's our reaction to Astro's 'Breathless'.
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

The music video for this song is right there! Check it out if you wanna :)

------Reaction Starts Now------
Beth: I heard you say priceless...breathless!
Sarah: Ok, I can 100% tell you that... *interrupted by Beth*
Beth: They're gonna be breathless...
Sarah: No, I... *interrupted by Beth again*
Beth: That I'm gonna be breathless...
Sarah: *sighs* That their concept is very... *interrupted for the 3rd time by Beth*
Beth: Weird.
Sarah: ...interesting.

------Song Starts------
Beth: What are they holding? An umbrella?
Sarah: They're not holding them...they're...
Beth: That looks like Lay. 
Sarah: That's Moonbin.
Beth: Ok. Nice feet. *Trying to be a nice soul*
Ally & Sarah: .....
Beth: They're crying because of the feet?
Ally: Basically, they're the sodas. 
Beth: They're sodas?
Ally & Sarah: Yes...
Ally: Yea that's them.
Beth: Ok...she's drinking them?
Sarah: Uhhh...later. 
Beth: That just...does not...sound right.
Sarah: It's their dream. Cause they were so thirsty that they think that they're soda cans. Soda bottles.
Beth: What's that got to do with breathless?
Sarah: Not sure.
Beth: So, now they're gonna freeze?
Sarah: Uhmmm they're gonna be in the ice. Ice box.
Beth: Ok...
Sarah: This is the zero gravity dance.
Beth: Who's this? Got7?
Ally & Sarah: Astro.
Ally: You were just saying Astro Boy....
Beth: I don't...I forgot.
Sarah: I like this part.
Ally: I like Eunwoo's part.
Beth: Let me try and guess who that is...
Ally: Eunwoo's the visual.
Beth: Visuals cannot be ugly right...
Sarah: Yes~
Ally: Yeah.
Sarah: They're in a plastic bag.
Beth: This moves so fast...this one?
Ally & Sarah: Yea.
Beth: Right?
Ally & Sarah: Yay! *Mini-celebration*
Sarah: Look there's a duck. It actually looks like a goose though.
Beth: Duck, duck, goose.
Like seriously.....how do you fit in there?
Sarah: How big is the refrigerator...? It really looks like that small. But they can go in it...
Beth: *whispers* It's fake.
Beth: They probably shrank.
Beth: How many people are there? 8?
Look at Sanha and Jinjin
Sarah: What the...he's holding it. *talking about the goose*
Ally: 7...
Ally: I know they gave it a name. I watched their ASC (After School Club) episode. 
Sarah: I don't remember what they named it...
Ally: Ok, maybe not gave it a name but it already had a name.
Ally: Oh, there's 6 people only.
Sarah: They said that the duck is their new member.
Beth: So, there's 8. I'm correct.
Ally: No, there are 6 members only....
Sarah: Plus one it's only 7, Beth...
Beth: Oh there's 6 people in Astro.
Ally & Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: Then why'd you say 7? *talking to Ally*
Ally: Yeah but then I kept saying there are 6 only.
Beth: Ok...
Beth: Which is the one born in 2000?
Sarah: Guess...
Beth: Let me see.
Beth: This one?
Ally: No, that's the visual. *Eunwoo*
Beth: That. That. That. That. *starts randomly guessing*
Ally: No. No. No. No.
Beth: That curly haired one?
Ally & Sarah: Yes.
Beth: Ok Sarah. *Beth always thinks Sarah's favourite is Sanha*
Sarah: *sighs*
Sarah: I actually like Moonbin in this group.
Ally: I like Eunwoo and Moonbin.
Ally: Which is the youngest one? *questioning Beth*
Beth: This one. *points at screen*
Ally & Sarah: Yes.

They don't stop moving. This is the best picture I could get. Apologies
Sarah: I like this outfit because it's blue.
Beth: You like blue.
Ally: I'm just questioning their dance moves because just imagine how tired they are.
Sarah: That's why they're breathless.
Ally: Hahaha.
Beth: They probably took 10 days...
Ally: To?
Beth: Defrost.
Ally: .......
Beth: Film this because you said that it was tiring.
Ally: No, I mean like on stage when they're like performing. 
Ally: Like how many ups and downs they had to do. *referring to the dance moves*

----Song ends----

Beth: If all else fails, just do the typical Hawaii dance. (Not to offend any Hawaiians)
Ally & Sarah: *starts dancing*
Beth: Yeah.
Beth: Ok so I'm not the only that thinks about this dance. Good luck to the other people who's trying to find out what the Hawaii dance looks like.
Yoojung in Astro's mv and in I.O.I's Very Very Very
Sarah: But the girl was supposed to be in 'Hide & Seek' but she was filming Produce 101 or something like that... *referring to the girl in the music video a.k.a. Yoojung*
----Video Ends----
  • Beth interrupted Sarah 3 times in less than one minute.
  • Moonbin somehow looks like Lay at one point.
  • Beth complimented someone's feet as a nice gesture.
  • Beth managed to guess who Eunwoo was.
  • Ally likes Eunwoo and Moonbin.
  • Sarah likes Moonbin.
  • Beth always thinks Sarah likes Sanha the most.
  • Astro likes the duck.
  • The second (last) and last conclusion was necessary.

Okay! So that's all for now. As I write the outro, it's actually about 11:30 p.m. and I have school tomorrow so....I'm gonna go to bed. My laptop battery is dying too. So I hope you guys are enjoying our 'reaction' series so far! See you soon! By soon, we mean tomorrow....

Much love,