K-Pop Reaction: KNK #2 | Forty-Two³

We're back again with KNK's Back again (do you see what I did there? I've been making this lame joke every time I see this video). This is their comeback song and tbh we're putting this up really late. Sorry for that. We were supposed to put this up earlier but we had an exam and we went on a break so heh, this song got delayed for like 4 months. But that's okay! It's here now! Enjoy the reaction and I hope you like the song.
Disclaimer: If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)
P.S. This is their dance practice video...We couldn't find the original music video.

----- Reaction Starts Now-----

Sarah: I really like this song.
Beth: KNK. They're back again with the tigers and the bed.
Ally: Who's this guy?
Beth: The not-my-taste? *Heejun*
Sarah: No. He's Seungjun.
Beth: The...
Ally: He looks like Hong Jonghyun.
Beth: The visual...
Ally: Yes! Jihun! Seungjun! Yay~
Beth: I can tell who the super-not-my-taste is. *Youjin*
Ally: .....
Beth: If he's not my taste, he ain't my taste. You can't change it.
Ally & Sarah: -_-
Beth: This reminds me of a Super Junior song or something.
Beth: The not-my-tastes (Heejun, Seungjun, Youjin)...like Rap Monster.
Ally: Haha. I was waiting for you to say something.
Sarah: I was waiting also.
Beth: *random inaudible noise* Hahaha.
Ally: What?
Ally: Jihun! *got distracted*
Beth: All I hear is beg coo gain...beg coo gain.
Ally: Back again.
Ally: I'm finally watching this I'm so happy I'm internally screaming.
Beth: AHHHHHHHHH (ouch Beth MY EARS - Sarah)
Ally and Sarah: Shhhhh. Hahahaha.
Beth: Your favourite?
Sarah: Yup. (Inseong)
Beth: This is yours? *asking Ally*
Ally: No.
Sarah: That's Seungjun.
Beth: Seungjung?

- Silence -

Beth: Is this your favourite?
Ally: No. This is the visual.
Beth: Who is this?
Sarah: It's Seungjun again.
Ally: It's THE-not-your taste. *Seungjun*
Sarah: This is not-your-taste only. *Heejun*
Beth: Which one?
Sarah: Heejun.
Sarah: This is THE-not-your-taste. *Seungjun*
Beth: Yeah I know. Super-not-my-taste. *Youjin*
Beth: That looks like Tao...threw up on him.
Ally: But he's a really good singer you know...Youjin.
Sarah: Yup. He is.
Beth: At least you know he's not completely a trash of a person. (Not intended to offend any Youjin fans. I know personality counts too! -B)
*Got distracted* -Ally
Ally: How are we gonna make that sound...... JIHUN!
Sarah: Inseong!
Ally: *continuing* How are we gonna make that sound nicer?
Beth: At least he's good at something.
Ally: Okay...
Ally: Yes Jihun! I just get super excited when I see him.

- Silence -
Beth: Is she falling?
Sarah: Uh what? No.
Beth: Oh he's levitating.
Sarah: He has to wear like the thing and float. (harness)
Ally: It's a very pretty music video. Like every member has a set.
Beth: I was gonna say the flowers are pretty but I realised they're lightbulbs.
Sarah: They say that this song and music video is like old K-pop.
Ally: They (KNK) said it themselves.
Beth: That's probably why I said it's like Super Junior.
Sarah: You didn't say that.
Beth: Oh I DID.
Ally: She did, she did...
Sarah: Oh she did? (sorry Beth)
Beth: I did. Hear it again if you want to.
Ally: You have to. You're gonna have to.
Beth: *laughs*
Sarah: Why are you laughing?
Beth: I hear back you pain. Like back pain, back pain (I apologise Beth has hearing problems).

----- Song Ends------

  • The MV is pretty
  • Ally REALLY likes Jihun
  • Sarah REALLY likes Inseong
  • Everyone admits Youjin is good at singing
  • This song sounds like an old K-pop song / Super Junior song
  • Beth can't hear Back Again properly (hearing problems...)

Yay! That was our reaction to KNK's Back Again. I personally really like this song and I'm still waiting for KNK to make a comeback. Tbh I think if you like BTS you'd like KNK because they're just as dorky and funny. Oh and Seungjun trained with BTS too so I guess it's like a Big Hit thing to be dorky. Hahaha hope you enjoyed the post today! KNK Fighting!
Waiting for KNK to come back again,
(Although they already did),

Beth's Personal KNK Handbook:
  • Not-My-Taste = Heejun
  • THE-Not-My-Taste = Seungjun
  • Super-Not-My-Taste = Youjin
Please don't be offended :(
Sarah - Typing the whole audio into words, writing the intro/outro, reacting and explaining.

Ally - Adding pictures, editing, reacting and explaining.
Beth - Editing and reacting.