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Hellooooooooo Forty-Two³ readers!!! 
So what do you know about me? You know my name, Sarah and you know that my best friends are Ally and Beth and that I LOVE Kpop and shows about mysteries. I don't think you know much more than that do you? So yeah I just thought I'd just have a few random facts about ME! Yayayay *cues the audiences applause* XD

OK let's start. :D

I am 100% a righty. If I even try to write with my left hand, it'll look like a 3 year old's handwriting. I'm not even joking. I'm wondering if I can try to train myself into being able to use my left hand though. But until that day... I CANNOT write with my left hand.

I have multiple favourite groups and it's actually pretty hard to choose one cause there are just SO many but if you had to make me choose I would choose the first group I liked which is EXO and also GOT7 too cause <3. Right now I like GOT7 more because they just had a comeback but EXO is coming back in June and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!
I like all of the newer songs like Pretty U by Seventeen, Dynamite by Vixx and Toy by Block B. Oh and all the songs in GOT7's album, Flight Departure. I can't choose one. They're all just so good. I'm actually starting to like BTS Fire. When I first heard it, I didn't really like it but after listening to it a few times it's pretty cool. If you haven't heard them go listen to them. But warning: You might get addicted!

I really like Christmas. Why? The Christmas tree, the presents and THE FOOD. It's my family tradition to have turkey for Christmas and I always enjoy eating it with cranberry sauce and gravy. Plus when we have leftovers I can have turkey sandwiches!!! Oh and most importantly it's the day that Jesus was born. :)

Sadly, I only speak English fluently. Yup not really bilingual :( I went for a French class in school for a few months but I can only introduce myself. . I really want to learn a new language though. Like Korean... Yeah just Korean XD
NONE! I absolutely hate tea and coffee. Tea tastes like diluted flavored water and coffee is too bitter. This is kinda ironic cause my entire family loves coffee and almost all of my family members are able do the latte art and we even have a coffee machine in my house. For tea, my only exception is iced lemon tea and iced peach tea other than that NO. Not even green tea.

Well..... it's been a while but I used to like to watch Zoella, Pointlessblog, SacconeJolys, Popular MMOS, and all those British youtubers. Oh and if you're wondering why Popular MMOS is in there, I used to spend all my time watching Minecraft videos. Like no joke. And I've never played Mincraft before. Not even once. I really want to though.

Blue, purple, turquoise, pink, white, gold and all pastel colors. Yup. That's a long list but if I had to choose I would choose purple and blue as my top favourite colours. And I really like all pastel colors and I don't know the reason... they're just so pretty!!

I would order a cheeseburger and if I'm super hungry a double cheeseburger. Hahahaha but if I'm not hungry just chicken nuggets are good! The chicken nuggets there are like the best and unhealthiest snack ever. Wait no there are a lot of other unhealthy foods out there but meh.
I don't own heels so flats! I really like converse shoes. I have two pairs, one turquoise low cut and one black high top. I wear them everywhere and very rarely wear flip flops nowadays. Converse are actually a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be.
Weird fact about me... I can't eat eggs unless they're fried or in a cake or something. Half boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs are a total N.O. When I was younger I actually refused to eat fried eggs until I tried eating them with tomato sauce which kinda covered the actual taste of egg. But now I've come to like the taste of fried egg and don't need the tomato sauce but I still eat it with the tomato sauce sometimes out of habit.

Lol I don't know if you've noticed but I ran out of questions and I'm just trying to think of weird facts about me. I can't swallow medicine cause I'm too scared (?) I've never been able to swallow medicine ever since I was young. I used to crush the medicine into powder and mix it with a drink. Let me tell you, it tasted HORRIBLE. But for now I've settled for cutting the medicine into smaller pieces and swallowing them.
I found more questions guyss! The last time I cried was a few days ago when my sister told me a sad/scary story about a FATAL lab accident involving a lot of acid. Yeah you don't wanna know. But just so you know acid can kill you and you'll melt into nothingness... So don't play with acid. I think what made me cry was that it was a true story told by my sister's teacher. I'm still hoping that it's not real though.

Apparently! Hahaha. But I do it without knowing myself so it's like my inner sarcasm. Sometimes after I say or do something Ally and Beth will just start laughing then they'd tell me that what I said or did was really sarcastic. Natural sarcasm in me!! HAHAHAHA
Unfortunately, my dad is allergic to fur and they think I'm still not responsible enough to own a pet. I think I'm capable but I do think that having another living thing in the house is gonna be a little harder so I'll have to wait till I get my own house before I get a pet I guess. But I might be able to convince my parents to get me a tiny fish. Wish me luck!

I hope you know more about me and I'm sorry if you think you wasted your time with this post! It was really fun writing it so I really do hope you enjoyed it as well. Oh and if you're wondering why the pictures are so dull and ugly, I just switched to a different editing program and I'm not used to it yet. So I'll slowly get used to it and maybe get better at editing my photos soon.

Sarah <3


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  2. Loved this! I love getting to know people! ^_^
    I should probably do a post like this on mine XD
    For like a good year or two I was teaching myself to write with my left hand, but it was only once a week during like Bible study x"D I'm not too bad at it though.
    I really love pastel colors too!!!
    And I have a dog that I'm trying to give away XP But I think we're on different continents.
    And yes! Christmas is my fav tooo! I love all the lights on the houses and the food and not being in school and that Jesus was born! ^_^


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