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Hello everybody! Welcome to my first post (alone) for 2017! It's been a few weeks since I've written something all by myself so I'm pretty excited or possibly even nervous to say the least. As you can tell from the title, I'll be writing about my 'After-School Routine'.

Okay I just realized that I've written a post like this like less than 2 months ago. But you'll be amazed by how different my routine is now cause after the holiday season, school has gotten VERY crazy - and so have I.
The first thing I do when I get back home is take my shoes off and  walk straight into my room. Right after that, I get my backpack off my shoulders cause school bags could get pretty heavy at times, depending on the class schedule.....and it's very pointless to carry a bag of books around the house if there isn't a reason to. Also, I remove any other thing on me that makes me feel uncomfortable such as my watch, hair tie and stuff like that. Then, I'd hop into the bathroom and take a nice warm shower! *-*
Just like before, I'm still using my Etude House facial cleanser and my skincare routine has switched into something pretty simple; consisting of only the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel (That was restocked in my room by Ally as that's one of the things she got me for Christmas - Thanks Ally if you're reading this :D). I then get into a simple t-shirt and some comfy shorts.
And because the time I arrive home after school is in the evening where it's no where near lunch nor dinner, I don't usually feel hungry to the extent that I'd wanna gobble up an entire building. So I just have a light snack to avoid getting stomach ulcers and to make sure I could still eat my dinner later on (if you get what I mean.) Like seriously, having lunch at 11 in the morning and dinner at 7 while arriving home in the late evening is SO not strategic.
Some days I make myself a nice warm glass of hot chocolate and on more 'productive' days, I make an effort to whip up a bowl of soup (don't let that deceive you cause all I do is find any veggie in the refrigerator and dump it all in....well not dump but cut 'em up and leave it to boil).....But today, I just went with biscuits and tea.
And the moment we all dread - or at least I dread, it's time for homework :( Boooo. One thing that distracts me from doing my homework most of the time is my phone - cause it has internet connection. I'm usually not bothered by my laptop cause I don't really use it often so I have no problem with it but my phone is just everything. What I do to overcome that problem is to place my phone under my pillow. This way, it is out of my sight but if there is an emergency, it'll be within my reach. (Emergency as in if I have a question I need to ask a friend or vice versa).

Honestly, that's all I do up 'til dinner time.
After dinner, I take a little break from the stress of school and eating....Haha internal organ stress from digesting omg what am I even saying - and play the piano! Then, I take a quick shower just to refresh myself and "get rid" of the icky-ness (is that even a word) from all that studying and homework-ing (it's not a word). Then, I'd brush my teeth because you know how sometimes, you're just all comfy in bed and suddenly, you realize you haven't brushed your teeth and have to "sloppily" walk to the bathroom to do so? Yeah I've been there, I've done that and heck no am I gonna repeat my mistakes. (Just to clarify in case of misinterpretation, I do brush my teeth).
I then follow up with my skincare routine for the night and sometimes, when I know I have something going on the next day (like a school photoshoot or an event like weddings) I put on a sheet mask just to 'oomph' up my skin. This also happens when I'm done with my exams and wanna treat myself ;)!
Uhm, and yes....I hoard my face masks and these are the sheet masks Ally and Sarah got me for my those living in Japan.....okay if you've read Ally's Travel series (link here), you'll know how long ago this was bought.......Is it even good for my skin? I don't know. Oh my. But I do keep it in the refrigerator if that helps.....(I don't think you should follow my footsteps). #suddenrealization.
To end my day, I'd be on my laptop just to type out a post, or edit and stuff - that is if we have a post due. If everything was settled the day before or something along the lines, I'd watch a movie (or re-watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars). Or sometimes, I'd be having a random conversation with Elaine or Ally and Sarah. It really depends. Before I go to bed, I reply all my messages (or snaps) that have been sent to me and pack my school bag because I always have the fear that I'd wake up late and everything would be a mess.
I then decide to call it a night and settle with my little 'grateful list'. By then, it's already about 11 p.m. and I fall asleep as soon as I'm done. Well...technically as soon as I'm done I'd turn out the lights cause I can't sleep without total darkness.

So that is it for my 'After-School Routine'! I hope you guys enjoyed taking a little glimpse into my life! I know it's not the typical, 'tumblr-y girl' after school routine and that wasn't exactly what I was going for either because my life is the total opposite of Tumblr and Pinterest. I don't have Starbucks everyday nor do I take the effort to hunt down cute ice cream shops. To say I don't have enough time in the day might sound like an 'excuse' but I really don't have the time. HAHA.

Anyways thank you so much for reading! I'll catch up soon!


P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Elaine' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more!


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  2. Hahaha really? 😇😁 It's usually pretty inconsistant 😆😆


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