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I am back with another post after donkey years! (does anyone still use the term donkey years anymore?) So today I'm gonna make something involving food or more specifically potatoes! Who doesn't like potatoes right? Whether it's french fries, mashed potatoes or wedges, potatoes are great. Although they have a high carbohydrate level that is a little fattening.....but who cares! There are days where we just have to let loose.

If you haven't figured out from the title, I'm making tornado potatoes which is basically a potato on a stick cut spirally. The reason I wanted to make this is because I was suddenly reminded that a stall in my school used to sell this but unfortunately closed down. I've been keeping an eye out for it but I couldn't find any nearby. So I looked up some recipes and found out that it wasn't THAT hard to do. And here I am with a somewhat succeeded tornado potato!!

Fun fact: Tornado potatoes or 회오리 감자 originates from Korea!

To start off, I would suggest to make the marinating sauce (?) first. Cause for me, I cut the potato first and when I was done with the sauce, the potato became all brown because it was left out for too long. For the sauce, I used some melted butter, rosemary, garlic, parsley and pepper.

Although you can add almost anything you want like chili powder, cheese...... it's up to your imagination! I just threw in everything I had in the fridge so there isn't any fixed amounts. Just go with the flow and let your inner ratatouille come out (I mean the rat chef not the actual dish).

Okay so first thing to do with the potato is to skin your potato (alive or dead) and stick your potato on a stick. I realized that potatoes are really hard and it takes more effort than I thought to pierce it (Okay I might be exaggerating but it was harder than i thought cause I expected it to be effortlessly easy).

After that, use a knife and (CAUTION KNIVES ARE DANGEROUS IT'S PG15) cut the potato till you hit the stick in a slanted position. I learnt it was easier to cut the potato from bottom up cause it's easier to see. I would say the cutting is the hardest part of this recipe but after a while it gets pretty easy.

It also doesn't take much time. The first time I did it I took like 15-20 mins? So I guess it's relatively easy...just make sure you don't cut yourself, SAFETY FIRST! Oh and right about now is a good time to preheat the oven to 190 degree Celsius or 375 degree Fahrenheit.

Then using a brush, which I found out is called a basting brush, just paint on the sauce that you made. The potato is your canvas and the sauce is the paint. I'm sorry for the nonsense I'm not thinking straight now 😂 So just slather on all the sauce and you're almost done! All that's left is to bake it in the oven for about 30 mins. Just balance the stick on a bowl so the potato doesn't touch the surface of the bowl.

My mistake was that I didn't rotate the potato's halfway so the potato was burnt on top and not very crispy at the bottom so make sure to turn the potato over at the 15 min mark!
And TA-DA you are done with the tornado potato!! Yayy. Mine didn't turn out perfect but it interestingly addictive. Also, it tastes really good with mayonnaise and even though I didn't have any on hand, I think it would taste nice with ranch dressing....idk just a thought. You can eat it straight off the stick, peel it off slowly or just slide the whole thing off and it'll still taste just as good!

That brings me to the end of my post. To be honest, I had a DIY planned for today's post but it kinda ended up as a fail so I had to come up with something else. Well I'm kinda glad I did this cause it was a delicious project for me and my cravings are finally satisfied. Although I kinda wanna try the original ones in Korea. I hope you're not hungry looking at the photos and enjoyed reading the post. TA TA FOR NOW 💓
Sarah 💜


  1. Oooooh! I looks so good! I'm such a lazy cook though x"D
    But maybe I'll try it one day!
    I first had this style of potato at a Boba place, it was good, but overpriced XD at least if its homemade its not too bad XP


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