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Hello everyone! I'm BACK AND ALIVE! (not really cause as I'm writing this, I have sore limbs from yesterday's 'sporty' event in school.) Anyways, as you can tell from the title, this is a diary post that I've decided to write for the week. I figured that I'd wanna update you guys with what I've been up to cause why not....right?
First off, I've been feeling a little blue recently (possibly the hormones *curses* and stress from school). I've never really seen myself as a quick-tempered person that just bursts into anger at anyone cause I usually just shake it off and stuff - kinda like hold it in cause I always think I'll regret my actions when I cool down but these few days have just been a little bad. Looking at this past week, I realized I've been pretty 'off' and I'd be easily irritated and would just shut the world out for a while?

Ah I'm in such horrible mood recently that I've tried to get myself over it but I became like super annoying too....? I don't know....I think I've been pretty annoying recently. I've been such a messed up person that even I cannot deal with myself HAHAHA.

Okay that's enough negativity for a post I think. I guess that's all for the update today cause I have an examination in like a week and I have to get back to studying heh.
Good morning to whoever has their eyes on this post! I just got up like half an hour ago and it currently reads 5.45 a.m. (Yes I wake up early because my life is just that sad) Just kidding! I actually have Miss Old-Egocentric's class today and usually it's bad news.
OMG today was the hardest I've ever laughed in so long (Thanks Ally and Elaine). Basically what happened was: during Miss Old-Egocentric's lesson, she entered class and the first thing she did was yell at us. She used like a "public speaking" tone when she spoked and she yelled so loud when she was trying to emphasize her words and like became a mouse when she continued the rest of her sentence.
'I! Will NOT take part in this ABSOLUTE NONSENSICAL actions' - Wise words from the one and only Miss Old-Egocentric

She legitimately went on and on for 15 minutes straight about that 'nonsensical action'. Then, she proceeded with the lesson for the day which she somehow related to parenthood and bachelorhood. Please note that she's Miss Old-Egocentric - also it's kinda funny how we labelled her as 'Old-Egocentric' cause she's actually younger than Miss Stressed-Out. Technically, those were facts we just found out.

So yeah you can only imagine how old she looks that we assumed she was already aging.
Breakfast is served! Just kidding it wasn't served unless you count me as the waitress to my own breakfast.
Today I'm having peanut butter toast with bananas inside. This was actually a recipe I've seen on one of Bubz's vlogs (kinda) the original wasn't served with toast but instead it was dipped in egg and fried (kinda like French Toast) but 'ya know, I go to school and I don't have much time in the morning to make something with pots and pans. So yeah I took the easy way out and it wasn't bad.
I had a blast during Miss Old-Egocentric's class today - kinda because I was seated next to my best bud (besides Ally and Sarah), Elaine.

What happened was Miss Old-Egocentric gave us this short text about who knows what (actually I do know but let's skip that) Anyways, the text took place back in the late 19th/ early 20th century where they used keosene lamps when it was dark. And the text was such that it soundeed a little something like this (please note that this isn't the original text as I have altered it a little)

'The first thing I saw was my dad holding a kerosene lamp to light up the surrounding, gently tapping me as an indication for me to wake up. With a smile on his face, he said in a soothing voice, 'Wake up my child' with the kerosene lamp in his hand' - an altered story by Beth with the same concept

P.S: The original text said the dad had a 'soothing' voice. I couldn't ignore that funny description so I left it there.

And SOMEHOW all Elaine could think about is that 'Everything sounds funnier with a kerosene lamp.' So being the clowns that we are, we began making up weird sentences with 'with a kerosene lamp' at the end. It may not seem as funny but it was really funny when we were chatting. Okay - letting Beth sit with Elaine is problably the worst idea of the century.
Nicki came to school with a kerosene lamp. She saw Beth and said, "Hi Beth" with a kerosene lamp. She walked up the stairs with a kerosene lamp. She fell with a kerosene lamp. The end with a kerosene lamp.

- A lame story by Beth and Elaine with a kerosene lamp.
P.P.S: Nicki is one of out close friends.
It's currently 7 a.m. and you're probably wondering, "Beth what are you doing up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning" - cause I'm questioning that right now too since I was awake since 6. On the bright side, I have finished studying for my History test in the span of the one hour I've been up and guess what? My exams are on Monday! What a great way to start the month. Please note the sarcasm haha.

Since it's the weekend, I don't have much to do besides study - OMG THE SUNRISE IS GORGEOUS. I just looked out my window - hold on I'll be right back.
Also - I would just like to confirm my obsession with this song by Kris Allen featuring Meiko, 'Loves Me Not'. I honestly really love his album, 'Thank You Camellia' and I just wanna thank my aunt for introducing me to his songs a few years ago.
Here's the song if you wanna listen to it
So I hope you guys enjoyed today's little post. I've actually compiled a few things that happened over the past week. To be honest, my week has not been all fun and rainbows since the only thing I've been doing is studying - which probably sounds super nerdy but hey I'm a student.

Wow I actually took an hour and a half editing this post O_O. It's currently 8.30 a.m. and my mom's calling me for breakfast. I guess I'll sign off here. Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch up soon!

P.P.P.S: If you're confused as to who 'Miss Old-Egocentric', 'Elaine', 'Nicki' and 'Miss Stressed-Out' are, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab to learn more.


  1. Eh, you get your good days and bad days and good weeks and bad week. It happens XD I used to make peanut butter and banana toast all the time! But I've forgot about them. I might start again.


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