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Hello! HAHAHAHA my post schedule has been thrown way off track.

It's been a while since I've written a post like this and I figured, why not make "a sequel" of something like this again. Ever since the beginning of the year, my life has been pretty busy and "all over the place" because I'm getting older and nothing gets easier as life goes on anyways. Also, I've been feeling pretty under the weather recently as well (curse the existence of flu). So I figured, it'll be nice to do a few things that'll make me smile and why not write a post while I'm at it?
I absolutely love cotton candy. It's like having clouds in your mouth (not that I've tried eating clouds before). All I'm gonna say is that if you've never had cotton candy in your life, what are you waiting for? I mean, you may hate it, you might like it - but technically it's just sugar....
Oh and confession: this might sound really weird but my sister (Hanna) and I used to sit on cotton candy when we were younger just to see it as a compressed food? Yeah....we had sticky pants after that and everywhere just smelled like cotton candy after. We were about 4 - 5 years old okay.
This is so weird but I enjoy working out especially when I'm super stressed out and frustrated. It's a nice way to convert the negative energy into something that's good for your body. (Blogilates = ❤)
This post is honestly getting so random but I think doodling is the most easiest way to unleash your inner 'Picasso' although your piece of art might not be the best on the planet (hint: mine) but hey, it's unique and one of a kind, right?
I'm sorry this is so random but I enjoy pulling it okay. It's a weird fetish.
Credits to Sarah, my lovely leg model.
It's self-explanatory.
These days, kindness is something rarely portrayed in the eyes of the world; or at least, I have come across a few people whom are just mean at first. Maybe it isn't very important but it really warms my heart when a random stranger is nice to me.

Thanks for lending me your right hand, Sarah. (Sarah's hand is also literally on the right :D)
You may proceed to thinking I'm strange but I absolutely love helping people; in a way. It's those little acts that brighten my day. Something like helping someone grab a cereal box on the top shelf of a store, or even picking up a book someone slipped.
Ooooooo the satisfaction. I'm sure if you're at least 7, you would understand me.
I always have a blast with them every time we hang out it's not even a joke.
Everyone seriously needs an "Elaine" in their life. I'm not saying Ally and Sarah aren't essentials to life cause I really really appreciate them. But what I meant by "Having an Elaine" in your life is basically to have a friend who does crazy weird things with you.
P.S: The difference between my friendship with Ally + Sarah and Elaine is pretty obvious, if you were to know me personally. But since you probably don't know me, I'll just clear the air. Ally, Sarah and I's friendship is more sober in such that we don't act like absolute nut jobs together. My friendship with Elaine is like - I wouldn't say drunk cause we don't drink alcohol but more like we are basically a nuclear bomb in the making.....we sort of complement each other as she influences me to do things I'll never do (such as eating in class, oops) and I influence her to do things she'll never do (like joining certain school activities).
So that's all I have this week! I know it might be a little boring and I'm sorry it's up so late. Last week has been pretty busy for me so I didn't have much time to sit down and write a post. Hopefully this is the last time I'll be tardy! Stay tuned for Sarah's post soon (cause technically, this is Sarah's posting week).
Bethany 💗
P.S.S: If you're confused as to who 'Elaine' or 'Hanna' is, feel free to browse through the Appearance tab above to learn more.


  1. Are you the one that draws all the little clip arts you guys use on the blog then? Cause they are super cute! I love that one with all three of ya'lls hair braided together. I can't draw XD

    1. Hehe unfortunately, no. I'm not the most talented in the drawing department. Our little hair doodles were drawn by Ally :D

      - Beth :)

    2. Omg, super late reply XD But seriously those doodles are sooo adorable! Also, love the new layout! ^_^


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