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FIRST HEYLO OF 2017!!! I'm feeling really happy right now cause we're starting up the blog again after a while! ALSO it's 2017 guyssss! Am I the only one who's still accidentally writing 2016 as the date in my books? I can't believe 2016 is over though 😩 I mean just imagine there will NEVER EVER be another 2016 for the rest of eternity. But I guess time still goes on. Did you know that time is just an illusion created by man? So technically..... if humans created the concept of time differently, it could still be 2016. For example..., according to the lunar calendar, it's still 2016 guys!!!! ANYWAYS, if you haven't realized..... I'm just writing down everything that's coming to my cluttered brain. Sorry for rambling 😥.
So, I actually have pretty selfish reasons for writing this post... I wanted to kind of self-reflect on 2016 and to set goals and stuff for 2017. I'm saying it's selfish cause hey you might not wanna know! But I think that everyone should kind of reflect on their year and to find ways to improve themselves. So that's exactly what I'm doing. Great first post idea isn't it *flips hair*😂😂
For 2016 my goals were to:
And I completed 2/3 of it! YAY CELEBRATION! If you're wondering, I didn't become more active in sports. It's just not my thing. But nevertheless, it'll still be on my 2017 new years resolution. At least I can say I tried (?). For being social, I definitely made a few new friends that I didn't think I would be friends with. Also I guess you could say I got good results for my exam. All three of us (Ally, Beth and I) got the same results and I think we haven't celebrated getting our results yet! I mean after 1-2  months of studying, you'd think we'd take at least a day to celebrate. (Guys can we please find a time when we don't have extra classes and stuff to just hang out?). I think I'll definitely miss 2016 a lot. There were a LOT of good memories made that I'll really cherish forever. So thank you 2016. 💜

ON TO 2017
To be honest, I don't really like making resolutions because I don't exactly DO them. Like being more active in sports has just been brought forward every year for 3 years because I didn't complete it. But even though I don't like making resolutions, it's good to have a direction in life and to know what you're weak in and improve yourself. Therefore, I always usually make it a point to have New Year Resolutions. 
Okay so being more active in sports..... I don't really expect to become like an Olympics player or something but I would like to be slightly more useful when it comes to sports. This is cause sometimes when I'm forced to play sports together in a team, I feel like I'm just pulling my team down. So yeah I'd like to be slightly more athletic. As for my second resolution, it's pretty straight forward. I'm taking a few new subjects this year and I've heard a lot of stories of my seniors failing (some even getting 0) so I'm pretty worried about that. I guess I'll just have to continue studying even harder right? Next is reading the new testament. I always say I'm gonna read the bible everyday but I never get to it. What's even worse is nowadays our schedules are FULL of extra classes that I don't even have time to do anything else. I actually have to leave for an extra Physics and Chemistry class in like and hour. 😡 Being able to play the keyboard! Hahaha I think I've said this a lot. Personally, I feel like I improved a lot but there's DEFINITELY room for more improvement. For trying new things, I kinda want to join more things or make new friends, stuff like that. Just don't let fear pull myself down to do the things I want. 
So yeah that's kind of the end of my first post! I think it's a little short though...... Heh sorry 😥 I guess I got a little rusty after the small break. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my slightly boring first post. I do recommend for everyone to create your own new year resolutions because it's just good to find parts of your life that you lack in and try to improve on them. I'm not trying to make you feel insecure about anything but nobody's perfect and there will always be room for improvement. And I mean you still have like 300+ more days to complete you resolutions. And even if you don't, at least you tried! Good Luck!
Story time!
Yay! I think my post was a little short so I'll just share what happened on the craziest night a.k.a the last day of 2016 and first day of 2017. So since New Year's Eve was on a Saturday, I went to church for service. At the end of the service, my friends suddenly proposed to go over to my other friend's house for the countdown. So right then and there we called our respective parents and then went over to his house. When we got there we went to the pool area and sat down. We had kids pointing lasers at us and we had cakes to give away. It was just so crazy and fun. We had a little photo shoot by the pool (not all of us got out dry). And even though I might not have phrased it to seem exciting, it was really fun. I reached home at like 2 a.m. that night. I guess unplanned adventures are always the fun-nest 😏
Happy New Year,
Sarah 💜


  1. XD I didn't get home until... 5:30 am on New Years cause I was the designated driver XD And then I had to wake up for church 3 hours late Dx
    But I would have liked to have a party at someone's house with a pool! :O Except that here... its pretty cold XD
    I sort of hate making resolutions too. I guess for me I just try to constantly improve and reflect. it doesn't always work though XP
    I think my main "resolution" was to think more outside the box about what I can do with the rest of my life. Consider more than what I previously had, and not be so afraid to... leave my friends behind. Of course, now a days there are so many ways to still keep in contact even though you're not physically in the vicinity, so... yeah... where was I going with this? I dunno XD


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