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Hey everyone! Happy 16th! Individual posts have been running slow and we would like to apologize heh. But for now, enjoy this little K-Pop Reaction that we have put together :D Today's reaction is.....Weki Meki's song, "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend"!
Disclaimer:  If you feel offended by any of our comments, we're sorry. Just keep in mind, Sarah and Ally are K-pop fans too and it was just for entertainment and out of boredom. Whatever we say are 100% our own opinions. Also, credits to the songwriters and the singers for their masterpiece(s). Thank you :)

As usual, here's the music video if you wanna jam out to it while reading or something.

------Reaction Starts Now------

taken from a random part in the MV
Sarah: Okay so this is Weki Meki.
Beth: Our school has bottled water....and I'm supporting the school....and this tastes like coconut water. *totally random*
Sarah: Alright so one of the members is from Produce 101.
Ally: Two...
Sarah:*stares at Ally*
Sarah: *sudden realization* Oh two of the members are from Produce 101.
Ally: You gave me that stare as if I was wrong but I was RIGHT.
Sarah: I thought you meant Produce 101 season 2.
Ally: No....
Sarah: Produce 101 season 1 is the girls version so Choi Yoojung and...
Ally: Kim Doyeon.
Sarah: Ah yeah.
Beth: You said it in a weird tone 😂
Taken from Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" music video
Beth: I don't like your girlfriend sounds like the "Hey! Hey! You! You! I don't like your girlfriend!"
Sarah: I know right what if I like predicted the title song? Cause I've been singing that song in school for the longest time.
Ally & Beth: *singing Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne in the background*
Ally: Yeah let's start.

--------Song starts--------
Ally: I've never watched it.
Beth: Avril Lavigne is a good person.. singer.
Ally: I've only watched the stages and I really like the starting dance moves.
Sarah: Yeah.
Beth: I like the colors it's really bubblegum-my.
Beth: I hate bubble gum.
Sarah: This is Yoojung.
Beth: Well....not hate but I don't really eat - chew bubblegum.
Sarah: I think she's about the same height as me (I found out that I'm sightly taller than her)
Beth: Really?
Sarah: She's really short too (No offence to her or to her fans...being short is cute 😃)
Ally: To me, Doyeon has a very unique look that makes her look really pretty.
Sarah: Yeah Doyeon is pretty.
Beth: Who's that?
Sarah: This girl *taps laptop screen*
Beth: Did you just bang your screen? You smashed it.
Ally: To be honest because they're from Produce 101, they're the more focused on members.
Sarah: Yeah.
Sarah: This girl is the main vocal. She looks like Hyuna for some reason.
Ally: I don't know her name. What's her name? I'm sorry.
Sarah: Suyeon.
Ally: Suyeon?
Beth: Oh my gosh their transitions are so fast. Wait this is so sad I really dislike music videos that have really fast transitions. It's so hard to screenshot.
Sarah: I'll do it for you. (Sarah: SEE I TOLD YOU I'D DO IT FOR YA)
Beth: Like it's so fast it gets blurry.
Sarah: Oh true.
Sarah: Oh there's one girl who's born in 2002. Her name is Lucy. There's also someone who's born in 2001.
Beth: Uhhhhh.
Sarah: For some reason this song got stuck in my head for a while. It's not the BEST song but it's catchy.
Ally: No I feel like for their stages the only three people okay maybe four who get screen time is the main vocal, Yoojung, Doyeon and one more other girl.
Sarah: *ignores Ally* Oh I like this part!
Ally: The other members...you don't know who they are.
Sarah: True.
Sarah: Oh this is the girl born in 2002. Oh oops its passed already.
Beth: I told you it's really fast.
Beth: For the fact that you're pointing out the specific year.
Ally: 2001?
Sarah: Ya.
Beth: There are two 2001's?
Ally: No, just one.
Sarah: This is Lucy *screen changed* Ah! I don't know anymore it's so fast!
Beth: This girl's eyes are really big *talking about Suyeon*
Sarah: Are they like sponsoring that lipstick.
Beth: Probably.
Ally: I like how they slow-mo it then it returns to its original speed.
Sarah: I don't like your girlfriend *singing along*
Beth: No way! No way! I think you need a new one. Hey! Hey! You! You!  I could be your girlfriend *singing Avril Lavigne's song*
Sarah: I think Lucy is quite pretty even though she's like 15.
Beth: I wish my stomach was a black hole *totally random comment again*
Sarah: *names all the members at the end*
Ally: How did you remember all their names?
Sarah: I don't know why.
Sarah: You know how you watched Wanna One's lyric video and you memorized all their names in one shot?
Ally: Yeah.
Sarah: Ya something like that. I searched the profiles online.
Beth: They all look the same though.
Ally: It's easier to remember their names compared to the names in our history textbook.

 ----Video Ends----

  • Beth is constantly reminded of the Avril Lavigne song, "Girlfriend" throughout this reaction.
  • Ally occasionally sings along (actually, it was just one time.)
  • Ally likes the dance moves
  • Beth thinks the MV colors are very "bubblegum-my"
  • Beth apparently doesn't eat bubblegum
  • Ally and Sarah says Doyeon is pretty
  • Sarah is a girl of her word.
  • This song was stuck in Sarah's head for a period of time
  • Ally likes the slo-mo to original speed editing/timing 
  • Sarah can name all the members
  • Ally questions Sarah's ability.

So that's it for the post! We hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed reacting to this! It was honestly quite fun to sit in front of a laptop and watch something you've never watched before. Oh yeah - it's me, Beth editing the post. Bless Sarah for typing the audio and adding pictures :)

Until next time!



  1. I too thought of Avril Lavigne's song XD But this is catchy. Not amazing, but catchy


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