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AHHHH…this is probably the weirdest way to start a post but that’s what I did. Hey!!! It has honestly been sooo long since I’ve written a post. And I’ll be honest, I had some trouble thinking about what to write about. But as you can see from the title, I decided to keep it simple and write a favourites post. I haven’t done one of these in a while. Truthfully speaking, I haven’t been doing much blog related stuff because I’ve been really busy with school. As for today, I’ll be combining all my favourites that I’ve missed out from the previous months. I hope you enjoy it!

First up, it just has to be Kpop related because well…ya know I’m a Kpop fan. I’ve got a few song recommendations that I’d like to share with you. Recently, I kinda listened to this song by chance because I had the ‘Autoplay’ option turned on while I was studying and I actually fell in love with this song without knowing the title or the singer and I actually just let the song run and forgot to check who was the singer which I regretted later when the tune of the song got stuck in my head. I ended up going through my watch history on YouTube and listened to each and every song just to find the song that was constantly ringing in my head. And when I did find it, it turned out to be an OST for the Korean drama Goblin. The title of the song is “Beautiful” by Crush. Ever since then, I’ve got the song on loop because I’m addicted to Crush!!!

This song is just 😍

Disclaimer: I haven’t watched Goblin just yet because I’ve been like slow and I’ve got a ton of dramas to catch up with. Let’s just say I heard mixed reviews from different people so I’ve been holding back on watching the drama.

P.S. Yes, I’m aware that it was a very famous drama and no, I do not live under a rock.

Another song that I would like to recommend is a fairly new song and it’s called “Lonely” by Sistar. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of Sistar because I kinda only stan one girl group and that is Red Velvet but I have to say that this song is really nice. I heard about their disbandment and decided to search up their song for the fun of it. I was actually really surprised that I enjoyed it because I usually don’t really listen to ‘slower’ songs but this song isn’t too slow. I really liked the lyrics to the song because it felt relatable and I totally recommend for you to go listen to it if you haven’t already.

I could't find the actual music video but the song is still amazing!

Moving on, this is something that has been keeping me busy and that is colouring. I’d like to think of myself as someone who enjoys art (I’m not necessarily good at it) and colouring is no exception. But it does seem a little childish if I were to say that I enjoy colouring at this age but that’s what adult colouring books are for. And I’ll stress on the ‘adult’ part just cause I feel like even at any age, anyone has the freedom to colour because colouring is not just something you do at kindergarten. I find it weird how calming colouring is for me and I legit actually take like an hour just to colour a few feathers. Just a little fact about my love for colouring, my favourite type of pattern to colour is mandalas. They just look really tribal and there is really no right or wrong when it comes to art. 😛 Heh trying to be a philosopher FAIL...

Another thing that I’ve been enjoying over this past few months is very similar to colouring but it’s another form of art and that is drawing. I’ve never been a fan of drawing portraits because I’ll admit that I’m a perfectionist and I kinda always wanna get the details right and whenever it doesn’t turn out the way I want it…I get a little bit frustrated. But nevertheless, I actually really enjoy drawing portraits more and more now. Even if it doesn’t look like the person I intended to draw, I feel like a sense of accomplishment whenever I’m done with a drawing. And also, I just never ever have to tell people who I was drawing. I'd probably just say it was a stranger by the side of the road. 

Tbh, I didn't do Seulgi much justice...😓 I'm working on it.

Last but not least on the list of my favourites is photography. This hobby is fairly recent since I just got my first DSLR. I’ve just been watching a ton of videos on YouTube as well as reading tons of blogs just to learn more about photography and videography. I’ve also just been walking around the house taking random pictures. I haven’t gotten the chance to explore outdoors but I’m determined to gradually improve on my photography skills and hopefully be able to share them with you guys in the future.

P.S. I'm not gonna bore you with my amateur photography skills right now but I'll definitely update you guys about it in the future. So, stay tuned~

That's about it for my updated favourites. I think it's kinda weird that I didn't include any skincare and that's because I realised that I got tons of products that I haven't been trying out so I'm gonna work on that and maybe you can expect a skincare recommendations post real soon. 

Ally 😋


  1. I'm back guys! XD
    I've thought about catching up on ya'lls blog, like every week, but I've been so lazy x"D And busy, but for you Ally, I just wanna say that you did a great job with Seulgi! :D I admit... if I had to guess... it would not have been her... XD But its still a good drawing in and of itself ^_^


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