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Hello everyone! Forty-Two³ here - well it's Beth (Ally and Sarah will join in after mine) but I know what you're thinking and this may be sorta bad news but hey! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger :)!
Basically, what's going on is that 2017 has begun and school has been consuming and draining Ally, Sarah and my life. It's super duper insane how none of us have an exact day in sync where we are free and this even includes THE WEEKENDS. So, while we figure out our lives and how we're going to balance everything; we planned to put this blog on a mini hiatus. Like a SUPER mini hiatus that can't beat the hiatus in 2016 (No worries). We'll be back in less than a month from today and what better day to return than on Valentine's Day. #allthesingleladiesputyourhandsup. We just don't wanna end up forcing ourselves to write a post because we have to but because we want to. I personally think there's a pretty big difference.

I know it may seem 'irresponsible' or 'unorganized' of us to do this hiatus as we've just returned from the 9-week 2016 hiatus only a little over 2 months ago. But if you look at it from our perspective, it may be for the better (or at least we think it is)
Firstly, in consideration of Ally's studies - although she's pretty smart, she's taking 11 subjects in total for school. So there are like 11 things for her to learn and revise. Sarah and I on the other hand have 10 subjects to learn. And the three of us take extra-classes as well to kinda enhance ourselves (???) in that particular subject we're taking. Together with that, we have extra-curricular activities like sports, school-clubs and stuff. And to top it off, Sarah and I take music classes (or at least Sarah is planning to). Also personally, I'm taking up sports training too (cause I'm the least athletic one among us three so I figured I'd want to boost myself so I won't be left behind). And with so much going on out of the blue, we just need a little time to sort out our life schedules to make plans and arrangements.
You might be thinking, 'Why take on so much if you can't handle it'....and the thing is you're right. But there is nothing we can do about it except live through it. This blog came before this crazily scheduled life so it wouldn't be fair to point fingers at this blog. Oh yeah. We're not saying this blog is a burden or anything because we absolutely LOVE this blog so SO much. Please be patient with us, guys! We're really sorry. 💕 💕💕 
- Beth
We would like to apologize for not being able to post on the blog as frequently as we used to though. But we're kinda in a crisis now! We wake up at 6 to go to school and we return home at nearly 4 in the afternoon. And usually in the beginning of the year, there's a lot more work to do (Idk if this its just me but I feel like I have more homework at the start of the year compared to later on. Maybe cause I haven't gotten used to it).
Plus we have a lot of extra classes/extra-curricular activities and everything. So it's a lot more stressful than last year. School hours became slightly longer + we have completely new subjects to learn. And yeah having to post on top of that is a little tiring cause we barely have time for ourselves anymore. It's so tiring to the point that I'm constantly lacking sleep and falling sick. I really do hope that it gets better through the months. Oh and if you noticed we did miss a few K-Pop posts 😅. Sorry about that. It's just that we kinda ran out of posts and we haven't had time to meet up and react to more. As mentioned above, our schedules clash and we can't even meet on weekends. We'll find a way though. Promise <3
- Sarah
I hope this doesn't sound like an excuse but we barely have the time to relax and having to write weekly posts is just too much for us to handle right now. This 'little' hiatus of ours is gonna give us some room to reschedule everything and hopefully we'll be able to learn how to balance school/homework etc. AND the blog.
Just saying, but we do seem to constantly have hiatuses (sounds so weird but it's a word!) on the blog but I think it's because we just don't wanna have to press the 'publish' button without feeling 100% satisfied with our posts. We constantly worry about the blog and our readers due to the lack of posts but hopefully it isn't too bad (if you get what I mean) When we do return on Valentine's Day, we will have everything sorted out although there might be a change with the schedule of our posts. Hopefully it's not too long of a wait till Valentine's Day but for now.....BYEEE! We'll be back in no time. 💗 
- Ally
Oh yeah, this is an update sentence but in conjunction with what Sarah has said, all three of us have been sick.....It started off with me coughing non-stop (until today) which passed on to Sarah (apparently) whom was then struck with a sore throat and fever and then...Ally caught a cold....bottom line is we are all coughing and sick. - Beth

We really hope you guys understand and we're really sorry if we disappointed anyone....but on the positive note, 3 and a half weeks to go! Hahaha, yes I counted :D BTW, I tried to pun Valentine's day for the title and clearly failed. I'm so sorry guys I'm really a failure when it comes to puns. We'll be back and find a way to balance everything, don't worry. We promise.
Much Love,


  1. Don't you girls worry. Ya'll ain't adults and this aint your job, so don't count this as a major thing. Your priority for now should be school. So don't you worry and take that break :) And get well! Drink lots of tea with honey! And... just stay overall hydrated and get that sleep!

    1. Ahhh! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! You never fail to brighten our day with the comments you send in :D!!! We are feeling a whole lot better now! Hopefully this year goes well xD

      - Forty-Two³


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