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Hey everyone! I guess I should say I'm Beth so you have a rough idea about who I am. Anyways, I'm gonna cut the chase and just state the obvious right now:


If you've read our previous post, you'll know that Ally has mentioned that there will be a change in schedule in terms of posting since we seriously don't have time to post as frequently as before. The new schedule begins with a post from Ally next week, Beth the following week and Sarah the week after Beth's week. Meaning, there will only be a post a week and we'll have a little over 2 weeks to write a post.

Oh and we currently do not have 'K-Pop Reactions' posts ready as we've yet to hang out and so, we haven't reacted to any K-Pop videos recently. However, we did manage to slot in a little game in between classes which will be up on the 16th!'

Clarification: I'm trying to make this as straightforward as possible without going on and on about how we don't have time and what not.

This probably isn't what you (readers...yes you) have been anticipating but we'd just like to sincerely apologize. But we're trying to make the best out of what we can so please do check back with us weekly for a solo post from each of us. And maybe...just maybe...a group post from time to time. As for the K-Pop Reactions posts, it'll be halted for the time being. I's a shame especially with all the new comebacks from different groups. (You can probably tell that it this isn't Beth who's talking but probably Ally or Sarah) Can you guess who though? Totally off topic but I recently realized that the 3 of us have very different styles of writing posts. As in the way we phrase our words and stuff...did you realize that? OK...I'll stop now before it turns into some sort of 'Guess who?' game.

Hahaha yeah...We're sorry for the sudden change. We will definitely find time somewhere in this month or like end of next month to hang out and react to K-pop music videos. There are so many videos that I'm really excited to react to.....Out of topic but have you seen Red Velvet's Rookie?. Anyways, since we have more time to focus on writing posts instead having to juggle between school and the blog, we will be able (hopefully) come up with better and fun-ner posts for 2017! We really wanna thank you for the support that you've shown for the last 2 and a half years. And we're really sorry again that there will be less post for this year. 💗

Thank you so much for reading and we'll write again soon!

Ohh and I'm so sorry for the title. It's so lame and cringe-worthy...... I know. - Beth (who else would come up with such a lame title)....

Much love,



  1. XD You're back! Take your time! Do things the way you have to do them :)
    And I have seen Rookie... but its not my favorite. I still much prefer Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb and even... oh what was the other one last year? Uh....Russian Roulette. Something about Rookie just makes me think its not the strongest song for them. But, to each his own ^_^


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