The Nothing Guide: DIY Edition | Bethany

Hello hello everybody. I'M BACK! Today, this post is going to be about DIY's and things you can do when you have NOTHING to do. Like let's say you're at home for the weekend, no parties, not hanging out, you just wanna stay in but want something to do yet you have nothing to do. If that made any sense.
I would say I do get that sometimes, but I mostly experience that when I'm at home being sick, when all my friends are having fun. Like why sickness? WHYYYYY. Out of all days and weeks of the year :( .
Anyways, this guide is going to occupy you during all that free time you have (and decorate your room too!). So, if you want QUICK & SIMPLE DIY's and stuff, I'll just say now : This is NOT the post you're looking for. But you can keep reading if you want ^-^.
DIY #1: Vision Board. (Approximately 1 - 2 HOURS)
This DIY is super self-explanatory. All you'll need is:
1) A cork board.
2) Pictures from magazines or you can print them out; pictures of things you want.
3) Thumbtacks.
4) Print-out words to categorize what your pictures are (Optional).
Doing this is really fun, especially when you put it all together. I'll admit, my least favorite part was printing out the pictures cause I don't like doing it in general.
Because Vision Boards are a little bit more personal, and as you all know, all Ally, Sarah and I's identities are a little bit more on the hidden side, I can only show little parts of my vision board.
By making a vision board, it doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna get it the next day or the next week. It means, you'll have to work hard if you want it.
Of course, being the dream-crusher that I am, if you're like me, and your vision board has 'To Meet' or 'To Marry' or 'To Date' and what nots with your celebrity crush on it, or your idols, sorry to disappoint, but it's not a 100% guarantee that you'll marry them or even date them. [Well, meeting them has a slightly higher chance :) ]

But if you do, then you lucky person! I'm personally jealous!

That doesn't mean you can't place them on the board....right??? *Smirk face*. Come on....a vision board is totally a great excuse to stare at their face all day long.
DIY #2: An All-Sew Chanel Pillow. (Approximately 2 - 3 HOURS)
Come on. Who doesn't like a Chanel Pillow sitting in their room? It doesn't matter if you're a girly-girl or a sporty kind of girl, admit it, the idea of having it in your room sounds pretty darn awesome.

But of course, there's TONS of DIY's on how to make your own Chanel pillow but since this post is to occupy your free time, this DIY might be taken to a slightly different level. Heh.

What you're gonna need is......

First things first, you need to have all of the above to begin. Bear in mind that the hot glue gun is completely optional and can always be replaced with a needle and thread. To start, you're gonna wanna print out the Chanel logo or draw it out like I did. Then with a pair of scissors, cut the logo out.
Place the logo you've already cut on the cutting mat and use the x-acto knife to cut the middle part as using scissors there might be a little tricky. Unless you're very good at using scissors for that situation, then do what you wanna do!
And once you're done, you can just put that aside.
Moving on with the fabric, fold it into half and note that the part that is facing you now, also known as the outer layer of the folded fabric is going to be the inside of the pillow. As if it didn't sound complicated enough. I shall show you what to do with a picture :) to un-complicate it.
 If you're hot gluing it, basically, you just wanna place the glue on the dotted line, like you want the top fabric stuck on the bottom piece of fabric.
And if you're sewing it, you will want to place the folded fabric together and sew them so they 'stick' together. Make sense?
HEADS UP: Sewing consumes more time so if you really are dedicated to waste time, CHOOSE SEWING!!!!
This is what it should look like 
when you flip it over by the way
Anyways, you're gonna sew/hot glue it around, and leave one big flap open, and untouched. Or if you want, you can sew it but make sure your whole hand can fit into it and that you can see what's going on inside.
 Then you'll want to place your Chanel Stencil on to the fabric, where ever you want it to be and trace it out with a pencil.
Through personal preference, using a wooden pencil is definitely easier to draw on the fabric as compared to the led pencils.
 The reason why we sewed the two flaps first is so you can map out where you wanna place your Chanel logo. But if you want to do the Chanel logo first then complete the pillow, it's totally up to you!
And you're just gonna sew it with black thread. So it will stand out. Plus, the logo is usually black so..... :)
IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't end up sewing onto the back fabric too!

Yeah so just sew sew sew. Just keep sewing. This requires a lot of patience too. So if you're very impatient, you too can do this as a practice to be less impatient (??).
Just general saying, your hand does get tired because of all the thread in, pull, thread out etc etc.
Working out one arm only.
Haha. Can you imagine having one muscular arm and another non-muscular arm just because you sew?

I don't think you gain muscles like that though.

This is what it should look like once you're done stitching. Then you'll want to flip it inside out once again and continue sewing/hot gluing the closure for this pillow.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't glue/sew it all the way!!!
Leave a small gap around an inch or two so you can flip it right-side out.
(I know. So much flipping. Might as well flip the table. Haha)
Just like that.
My gap is a little small so it WAS indeed hard to turn it over.
Just an advice.
So once you're done sewing it until that 1 - 2 inch gap, like I said before, you'll have to flip it right side out.
It should look a little something like this!

Now all you gotta do is stuff your pillow with stuffing! Not turkey stuffing, and what so ever. Stuffing as in pillow stuffing. Unless you want your pillow to be wet and squishy while smelling like rotting food a few days later....... :).

So stuff it! Then just have that one odd corner where you left it open to contain the outside stitching....or you can just hot glue it together, like fold the corners a little then glue 'em.

It's just to give it a clean finish, but you can just sew it close however you want.
A lot of my explanations don't make sense but I'm seriously hoping you understand.
Tadaaaa! Your own Chanel-stitched pillow is DONE!
Did it take you 2 hours like I did? Geez, writing this post itself took me 2 whole hours. Like no kidding.
I'd continue with many more ideas but thanks to the Chanel-stitched Pillow, this post is actually getting a little long.
Maybe I'll make another post like this soon.
Thank you so much for reading!
I have to go eat lunch now.
Although as I repeat in every post, by the time I post this.... I've already had my lunch.