Don't Worry Be Happy | Sarah

Hey Guys.

Right now I'm actually in school writing this in my little notebook. Yesterday a friend of mine shared some of her problems with me and it kinda made me think how many people could be facing this problem. Right now my exams are over and it's the time to get results! (YAY! NOT.) Mostly everyone is celebrating and relaxing but not my friend. Let's call my friend Z.

Z's parents are always pushing her to get good results and stuff which is really stressing her out cause if she doesn't, her parents will be disappointed. So all the stress led to depression and that led her to self-harm. And let me say self-harming is really pointless. Don't EVER EVER hurt yourself over someone else's thoughts or whatever stress you're going through. Self-harm is a really common thing. Right now I know 3 or more people who self-harm.

And more importantly, if any one of you reading this and are thinking about committing suicide, I BEG you please don't. Don't even think about it. 

Your. Life. Is . Just. Not. Worth. It.

In Z's case her parents had stressed her out until she's almost given up. Our results hasn't even been released yet and she's already lost hope. In her head she thinks she got horrible marks and that her parents will be really disappointed in her. She says she's depressed and can only think of her marks and can't relax. 

Do you think it's worth it?
Letting fear and hurt consume you until you hurt yourself?

YOLO. You only live once. This phrase has been SO misused. People think that oh I only live once so I have to try robbing a bank or like eating a cactus cause YOLO. But when you look at it, it means that everything is special. Even you. You only have one life and there's only ONE you. Even though you don't know you're special in everything that you do.I know it's hard to believe and sometimes I doubt it too but I believe it's true. All your flaws and everything you think you're not good enough at. It's special cause it's what make you, you.

If you're depressed, stop and think about it. Your girlfriend/boyfriend break up with you? Stop and think about it. You failed your exam? Ask yourself is it really worth my happiness? I could be sitting crying my eyeballs out in a dark room by myself or I could be trying harder and working on fixing what I think I'm not good enough at. Like if you're not good at studies go and study harder! I think I'm like the least smart person in this blog but I still try my hardest to catch with Ally and Beth and it's working! After two years though. I know it takes time and it might hurt and sometimes crying your eyes out isn't necessarily a bad thing but when it comes to a point where it's too extreme you have to know that you shouldn't do anything too rash. Cause all these little and big problems still isn't big enough to ruin your life.

Know that you're not alone in this world and that someone out there is having the same or bigger problems as you. You just have to open your eyes. Go and talk to that person. If you help that person, both of you can support each other and become best friends? Then your problems won't seem that big cause you have someone always by your side. Don't feel afraid to tell someone your problems or to ask for help. It can really help.

In a few years, months or even days your problems might be gone for all you know. Then you can look back and see how close you were to doing something regret. Suicide is an easy escape. I understand that. But it's also the worst exit. It's like quitting a video game on the hardest level even though you're about to win. You'll never know what the future has in store for you. Endure it and you might be happy with what you find. Be a ray of sunshine in a midst of darkness.

 Never give up and Be Happy!
Sarah <3