Favorite Skin Remedies | Bethany

Hello Everybody.

So this month, guess what. I've got no favorite products because I have not been shopping much this month a.k.a very unlikely of me. I just got lazy okay. Walking around the mall consumes too much energy. Why waste energy when you can save it and use it for working out?

Just kidding I've just been lazy.

Because I haven't been shopping, I don't have a November Favorites. And because I don't have a November Favorites to write....I wrote this post.
My skin is the worst like I repeat THE WORST among the three of us. Like it is not covered in acne but it breaks out and it stays there like super glue on my skin. I used to have bumps on my forehead which then continued to my cheeks; near the sides of my mouth.
You don't have to have acne or blemishes to know this but : IT IS one of THE WORST THINGS you can EVER have on your face. Technically, that is one of the only things you can ever get on your face... But really though, those red, bumpy ones with no pus (the white, yellow thing) are like the most painful forms of acne. EVER.

You feel me?
So no graphic images or gross details from this point on.
Today, I'll be sharing my favorite skincare remedies I've learned online that has actually been helping my skin...TONS. It wasn't a drastic change, like 'OH MY GOD. MY SKIN IS CRYSTAL CLEAR' the very next day but it did get better....at least compared to before I did it.
Two of these remedies are from what I learnt from youtuber, Bubzbeauty. Credits and thanks to her for these amazing stuff. If you haven't already, I seriously recommend watching her YouTube videos because they are so amazing. (And her vlogs too. No kidding, her vlogs are one of the highlights of my day). 
The Oatmeal Face Wash
All you really need is OATMEAL....and water. Like no kidding. So I just take a hand full (it doesn't even have to be full) of oatmeal and clench them in my fist, running it through the water, soaking it thoroughly. Then, I just take a few drips of water and wet the oatmeal - not soak it! If you were to press the oatmeal with you finger, you'll see there is this milky, cloudy water and that is what I use as a base :) .
After that, I just slowly take a portion of the oatmeal and lather it on different parts of my face cause obviously, you don't wanna take the whole chunk and slap it on only one part of your face....right? So just like any other ordinary facial scrub, you'll just wanna massage it onto your face. And can I just say, it is super gentle on the skin and it doesn't feel like you are ripping off your face (??).
It does get a little messy but the results are awesome. This remedy is great for relieving itchiness, redness, dry-flaky skin and small, minor irritations. I would say, after using this for about 2 weeks now that my skin does feel a whole lot smoother.

The Yogurt Mask
Now this DIY is another simple one. You are just gonna need yogurt, natural yogurt to be exact. Not the processed flavored ones. Just apply it on your face (make sure you've cleansed your face or that your face is make-up free) and wait for 20 minutes! Rinse it off and your skin feels...GOOOOOOOOOD.
The first time I applied the mask, I could almost instantly feel the results.
When you apply this mask, the cooling sensation from the refrigerator makes it super enjoyable and relaxing. Assuming, that's where you store the yogurt...
Your skin will feel hydrated, softer and it also treats blemishes in a way. Brighter and radiant skin is also in the package of benefits from this mask. It's just *thumbs up* 

Honey and Sugar Scrub
This was recommended by my friend. She tried it and her skin cleared up the next day. Not clear as in WHOA MY GOSH. YOUR FACE IS SO CLEAR I CAN SEE MY REFLECTION kind of clear but her face did get better and she noticed it, showed me and so did I. We're like skincare buddies along with Ally.
As the scrub itself is called, you'll need honey, sugar, a spoon and a bowl. The ratio for this is 1:1. Meaning if you add one teaspoon of honey, that's the amount of sugar you add too.

Bear in mind depending on the sugar you use, it may be a little rough on your skin. So do this at your own risk.
When you're exfoliating, you will see that your skin gets a little red but it's totally normal. Once you've rinsed it off, your skin feels like a baby's butt. If you think I'm kidding, you can seriously go try it.
I personally recommend doing this only once to twice a week because exfoliating in general is best done once or twice a week as well. As honey nourishes and sugar exfoliates, this is like the power duo scrub.
If you wanna know more about exfoliating, Ally has actually done a post about this. You can click here to read it. (P/S: I recommend reading the entire 'series' if you're really into skincare).

By the way, I ran out of regular honey so I used Manuka Honey instead. It's basically the same thing, only Manuka Honey has antimicrobial properties making it a little more expensive as compared to regular honey. It works the same, I've tried both.
So that is it for my favorite skincare remedies as of now.
I hope you found this helpful.
Also, very important here, make sure you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned. Because then, it will be very, very messy. [Even messier than the oatmeal ;)].
Remember to moisturize after doing all this as your skin will absorb it almost instantly! Or you can just follow up your skincare routine.

Skincare tip of the day: DRINK MORE WATER!!! It helps!!

Don't be like me where you never drink just cause you're lazy to pee. (Just a clarification, I do drink a lot more water now)