B-O-O-K-S | Sarah

Fun fact: Sarah is a total bookworm...and PROUD!
So to start off the month I thought I'd write about one of my favorite things. BOOKS!
I'm going to recommend my top 5 favorite books. So if you have nothing better to read, the books I'm gonna recommend are DEFINITELY worth reading. Enjoy :D

#5 Divergent trilogy
If you don't know about divergent then you've been living under a rock (no offense) But really if you like the movie I can tell you the book is even better. Like 10x better. I bet you've already heard that the book is a million times better but I can promise, you won't regret reading it. In the book, the author can clearly describe what the characters emotions and thoughts are and you can almost feel like you're the one experiencing it. Let your imagination run wild as you picture the places they see and go. Plus the movie left out a lot of parts from the book.

#4 The Land of Stories

This series is really awesome. Especially if you like the TV series Glee cause the author, Chris Colfer plays Kurt in Glee. To be honest, this book is like another version of Once Upon A Time. But less complicated. So Oncers if you haven't read it...go read it!! Plus this book can really bring out your inner kid. Hahahaha. Warning  there's a really big plot twist and cliffhanger in the 3rd book. (like seriously....) I bought the 4th book when it came out cause I couldn't take the cliffhanger.  I'm waiting for the 5th book and I want it so bad!!! 

But this book is really interesting and really nice to read if you don't have any books on your to-read list. :)

#3 Tigers Quest
This book was actually recommended to me by none other than Ally from the blog too. This book is kinda like a fantasy-romance-adventure book. I absolutely love the story line and the way the author wrote it was really interesting. The book is about a prince that was cursed and turned into a tiger. So they travel the entire India to break the curse with a love triangle mixed somewhere in there. (Trust me it's way more interesting than what I just explained.) This book can make you cry. Just a warning.  

#2 Maze Runner

Another book based movie. But seriously I got so mad with the movie. If you liked the movie,  reading the book will be a completely different story. Like even the way they solved and exited the maze. DIFFERENT. Of course the book is like 10000000000000x better. Even in scorch trials it's different. I'm telling you to go read the book and watch the movie and you'll see what I mean. The book is so much more detailed and interesting it's crazy! Btw WICKED IS GOOD.


This book is one of the reasons why I started the blog. Written by my favorite youtuber and blogger, Zoe Sugg! The book is about a girl who blogs about her life and her adventures in New York with another plot twist. Plus the cover is soooo PRETTTYYY! The second book (Girl Online On Tour) just came out and I'm dying inside cause I haven't bought it yet. I'm so excited for ittt! Please go check out Zoella's youtube and blog and her book! You'll get hooked! 

I hope you read the books I suggested and I hope you like them. You probably will. They're all awesome. I've read like more than a 100 books and these 5 are just a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Have fun reading!

                                      Remember! Books are made for reading <3