OCTOBER Favorites!! | Bethany

Hi everyone!!!
So today I'm going to be showing you guys what I've been loving for October so enjoy ! :)
During October, I've been spontaneous in trying some new products and they've been impressive. Just to clarify, I honestly do not think any of these products and items I'm about to mention are new releases. It so happens I finally worked up my guts to try them out :) !
Just a little side saying; our exams are over so that means...MORE TIME FOR BLOGGING!!!!!!
I don't know, it just makes me super happy. I can't even!!
Let's start with this riiiight here

Okay so for months I've been using a certain moisturizer and it was fine at first. But overtime, it actually made my skin flake. Like my nose area was dry and skin started to peel. And I was like no. I guess it wasn't just working on my skin as well as before.

Who knows, maybe my skin is a player and prefers one-night stands or something...I DON'T KNOW.

But I continued using it because, I'm stupid and it actually made it WAY worse. That was; until I checked that it expired a few weeks ago.....*cue dramatic music*

But it was like after my skin decided to be like 'NAH', it expired days after but I used it without realization. My very 'amusing' life in a nutshell.
So under my friend's mom's recommendation, I picked up this Simple Moisturizer. And it smells...I don't know like a hotel I've stayed at once in my life. I have no idea where but it gives this relaxing vibe.

And this moisturizer is also great if you're like on a budget or stuff like that. It's also very light on the skin. So I've been loving this so SO much. And I think it's amazing :) !

The next thing I've been loving for October is this eyeliner by Maybelline.

This is the master drama eyestudio. It's like a retractable gel eyeliner.

So I'd just wear this on my eyes, obviously. I apply this as close to my upper-lash line as possible and one third down my lower lash line. It makes my lashes look a little fuller.

Also, just to be honest, I also use this as a weapon of revenge. Like if someone pisses me off, I just use this and they turn into a cat after their nap ;)

My favourite nail polish for October is this Ulta3 nail color polish thinggy and it's in the shade Footloose Fuchsia.

Now I have had this nail polish since forever. Or so it feels like it. It has been on my shelf for quite some time and this was given to me by my cousin.

I've never really had the guts to wear this anywhere because it seemed so dramatic and bold.

But recently, I was like, Ya know what? I'm just gonna try this and see how it goes.

It's like a dark-ish plummy, vampy color and I think it's so awesome since I don't really wear dark nail polishes. But life's all about trying new things ^-^ !!

This thing is FUN. No joke.
So this is the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel-Off mask. And in other words, it's amazing !!
Normally what I do is after a shower, I apply this all over my face, go on YouTube and watch a video, for about 5 - 10 minutes then peel it off.
It's like peeling off glue. Like I don't know if you guys have done it before but I used to pour glue all over the table and slowly peel it off when I was younger. It was fun when I was a kid okay.
Anyways, when you peel this off, your skin will feel like it just got renewed. Like you have new skin. Like whaaaaaaaa.
It smells like my mom's hair product from when she got it permed though. Like some thing to maintain the permed hair for a while. But I don't think you'd know what it smells just by saying that. The smell is exactly like what it is - but an enhanced version :).
Just saying but this thing is really sticky so after applying and waiting for the drying process, you might wanna wash it off your hands haha.

[I don't do this everyday, by the way. And I don't think every day use is encouraged either. Maybe 2-3 times a week should do just fine :)]
I know this is a little random but this is a food item
This is the Salted Caramel ice cream by Haagen Dazz. And if you know me, you know how I feel about caramel.
That's how it looks like on the inside.
It looks like.... caramel and ice cream....right? Yeah I know . _ .
I honestly don't even bother putting it in a bowl. I just eat it straight out of the pint.
Yeah... that's how I roll.......and mark my territory.
So that is it for my October Favorites!
I hope you guys enjoyed it.
Thank you so much for reading, have an amazing November and I'll write again soon!
Take Care! Bye for now!