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Oh my! This is my second last favourites of the year! Time flies SO fast. And so much happened this year, it's crazy! My major exam is over (FINALLY), school is ending and everything happened in a blink of an eye. I probably wouldn't have said that when I was preparing for the exam though. When I was studying it felt like a million years. But now that it has's not that bad (kind of). Anyways, straying off topic here!!! November has been really fun and a little stressful. To be honest life got a lot more stressful AFTER my exams (ironic huh?). Oh well, I guess that's life right? So, November is finally over 😔  November is my favourite month of the year so I guess I have a lot of favourites. With that, let's start shall we?

The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel
This thing smells SO SO GOOD. Using caps lock and bolding it because it deserves it. In all seriousness I have 2 bottles of this soap just because it smells so good. It has a fruity and sweet smell (obviously because papaya is a fruit) and I think not everyone likes this kind of scent so if you don't then don't buy it. BUT if you and I have the same taste in soap, GET THIS. Although I would say that I don't really like it cause it's not a foam soap and I like soaps that get bubbly. And also when you wash off the soap, it feels a little it's not washed off completely? But it's not that bad after you dry off with a towel because you can't feel it anymore. Other than that, this soap is really nice. It's like after you bathe not only are you clean, you smell super good too!

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
This thing smells really good too! Hahaha I think I buy stuff based on the smell! I actually got this in some Christmas set along with a few other stuff which I'm going to review in another post after I try everything, so yeah look forward to that. So anyways, this is my first serum so I was really excited to try it. I think it's really good. It really makes my skin feel moisturised. And actually, I don't really like moisturisers because it makes my face feel really sticky (yeah I'm weird) so I think this helps to replace my moisturiser. Oh and I like the packaging a lot. It's kind of simple but it looks nice. Plus, it's a pump bottle so it's more sanitary! And when you're dealing with your face, I feel that everything has to be 100% clean. I'll stop explaining now because if I'm gonna write a review, I won't have anything else to say. 😂


You're probably like what is this? Well this is a Youtube channel I found while browsing Youtube. It's owned by a girl named Rachel and she makes and bakes the cutest things ever! I really want to try some of them. Her DIY's are super easy and they look so nice. And the things she bake are just so pretty. The video I attached is her latest video. Oh and did I mention that she uploads really frequently so there's a new video really often. (Heh I don't really know which days she uploads her videos). I really like her ideas and they kind of give me some inspiration? Especially since it's nearing Christmas, I have cute Christmas decorations and stuff to bake! I'll leave a link to her channel here.

GOT7 Hard Carry

No not the song (but that's pretty good too). GOT7 Hard Carry as in their new variety show on V app Live. The video I attached is the show on Youtube that Mnet published but it's only in small cuts. I suggest watching it on V app which I'll link here because on V app the episodes are in full and not in small cuts. Basically, all the members wrote down what they wanted to do and they just do it. But it's really funny to watch. So far there are 8 episodes that come out every Monday. In those 8 episodes, they have gone paragliding, fencing, kayaking and wake-boarding. During each episode, they also have this part where each GOT7 member has their own camera and they just go crazy and somewhat film a music video for their song on the album and on other albums. It's just a nice show to watch when you have nothing to do. So I recommend watching it!

Akdong Musician

Congratulations to them, they are my first group I stan from YG! These people have actual talent. And if you disagree, come fight me......KIDDING violence is never the answer. But seriously I don't think you can disagree. These siblings are just so talented. Suhyun's voice is to die for and Chanhyuk's composing and guitar skills are no joke. At first, I didn't really pay much attention to them but when Ally showed me their Weekly Idol appearance I got addicted to them. Heh oh no. I have almost all their songs on my phone right now and they are constantly on replay. My favourite song is '200%' but I really like 'Re-Bye' and 'Give Love' as well. To be honest I like all of their songs. Even the songs that they sang on K-pop Star like 'Is it Ramen' or 'Don't Cross Your Legs.' Oh yeah I didn't mention that they became famous after they won on K-pop Star 2. They're so amazing that they won the program guys! Go and watch some of their videos! You won't regret it. I promise.

FUN FACT: Lee Suhyun, Kim Saeron and Yeri (Red Velvet) are best friends. They are literally my favourite people and it makes me so happy that they are friends.

I just had to put two songs here. 😂😂

That's the end of my November favourites! I still can't believe that November has ended! I'm really disappointed. But oh well.... CHRISTMAS TIME! WOOO!🎄🎅🎉🎊. My favourite holiday! 3 weeks and counting people! Bring out your Christmas tree and cookies. Hahaha I'm so excited. Oh and we have something special coming up for the blog on Christmas day and the days following up to Christmas. You can think of it as our present (?) to you! So look forward to it! I don't really know what else to say so bye!

Sarah 💜
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